Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy July!!

Flower of the Month:
Water Lily
Zodiac Signs:
Cancer/Crab - 6-22 - 7-22
Leo/Lion - 77-23 - 8-22
Month Long Observances
American Independence Month
Dog Days
Family Reunion Month
National Bison Month
National Blueberry Month
National Grilling Month
National Hay Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Outdoor MonthNational Pickle Month
National Picnic Month
National Recreation and Park Month
National Tennis Month
Red, White, and Blue Month
Sandwich Generation Month
Wild About Wildlife Month
Weekly Observances 
Week One
Freedom Week
Be Nice to Jersey Week
Great Circus Parade Week

Week Two
Music for Life Week
National Laughter Week
Week Three
Space Week
Lyme Disease Awareness Week
Coral Reef Awareness Week
Day-Long Observances
July 1
Canada Day
Early Bird Day
American Zoo Day
Balloon Airmail Day
International Tartan Day (Scottish)
Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary
Hershey Incorporated Day
Princess Diana's Birthday
Rosewell Days (1-3)
Sunglasses Birthday
July 2
Halfway Point of the Year
I Forgot Day
July 3
American Redneck Day
Automobile Birthday
Build a Scarecrow Day
July 4
4th of July (Independence Day)
Alice in Wonderland Day
Caesar Salad Day
Family Day
National Country Music Day
Tom Sawyers Fence Painting Day
Yankee Doodle Dandy Day
July 5
Bikini Day
Caribbean Day
Graham Cracker Day
Workaholics Day
July 6
First Picture Postcard Made
National Fried Chicken Day
July 7
Chocolate Day
Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day
Ice Cream Cone Day
Macaroni Day
Tell the Truth Day
July 8
Greatest Show on Earth Birthday (Circus)
Liberty Bell Cracked (1835)
July 9
Recreation Day
Sugar Cookie Day
July 10
Barn Day
Don't Step on a Bee Day
Pina Colada Day
Teddy Bear Picnic Day
July 11
All American Pet Photo Day
Cheer up the Lonely Day
National Blueberry Muffin Day
July 12
Paper Bag Day
Swimming Pool Day
 July 13
Embrace Your Geekiness Day
Go West Day
International Puzzle Day
National French Fry Day
July 14
Corkboard Day
 Pick Blueberries Day
Tape Measure Day
July 15
Be a Dork Day
Gummi Worm Day
I Love Horses Day
Shark Awareness Day
Tapioca Pudding Day
Winnie-the-Pooh Day
July 16
Cow Appreciation Day
International Juggling Day
National Hot Dog Day

July 17
Ice Cream Sunday Day
POW-MIA Recognition Day
Wrong Way Day
July 18
Railroad Day
July 19
Flitch Day
New Friends Day
Stick Out Your Tongue Day
July 20
Chess Day
Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
Fortune Cookie Day
Ice Cream Soda Day
Nap Day
National Lollipop Day
July 21
Cousins Day
First Man on the Moon
July 22
Rat-catchers Day
Summer Leisure Day
July 23
Gorgeous Grandma Day
Hot Enough For YA Day
Mosquito Day
Vanilla Ice Cream Day
July 24
Amelia Earhart Day
Instant Coffee Day (1938)
National Day of the Cowboy
National Drive Thru Day
Pioneer Day
Tell an Old Joke Day
July 25
Hot Fudge Sundae Day
Merry-Go-Round Day (1871)
July 26
All or Nothing Day
Aunt and Uncle Day
July 27
Bugs Bunny Day
Walk on Stilts Day
July 28
Hamburger Day
National Chili Dog Day
National Milk Chocolate Day
July 29
Lumberjack Day
National Lasagna Day
National Lipstick Day
July 30
Comedy Day
National Cheesecake Day

July 31
Parents Day
National Cotton Candy Day
National Raspberry Cake Day

And now for July's Give-A-Way...
Just tell me what your favorite holiday or observance is for the month of July.
You'll be entered to win this set of stamps and an extra little surprise....
July Stamps 002
You will have until 7-15-11 to post your comment to be entered into the drawing!
Good Luck Friends
Have a safe and fun July!!


  1. LOL! I'm loving July 15th! Be a dork day! I don't even have to try hard for that one! LOL!

  2. I love your lists!!!

    There are so many that I love in particular -

    Alice in Wonderland Day
    Chocolate Day (is this not everyday?!)
    Embrace your geekiness Day
    Winnie the Pooh Day

    Oh dear. What does this say about me?

    I'm a chocolate eating geek who loves Alice and Pooh Bear and PROUD!!!



  3. Mmm It's a yummy month!
    I'll say hot fudge Sundae Day! Yummo!

  4. gotta be July 4, sorry cliche i know but it means a lot to me. close second would be Winnie the Pooh day, i had all the books as a child and it was really one of my fav stories

  5. july 23 vanilla ice cream day
    july 24 instant coffee day
    they are all so interesting!

  6. I love freedom week and July 4th. But also July 30th (2nd) National Dance Day! (not on list) Thank you for sharing these each month!

  7. July 9 - I love sugar cookies! And, it's my birthday!

  8. I should say the 4th, but this month is also the Platte County Fair, so I'm saying July 20-23!!

  9. My Mom's birthday is the 23rd, so celebrating that day is the best!

  10. hey roni!!!! It has been way too long!!

    My favorite *holiday* is July 9th {which is only 8 days away!!} because it's my BIRTHDAY!! Will not divulge {sp??} how old I'll be..but... It's.... well you know! ;)

    Miss you, Girlie. Hope all is well. So much has changed in the past 16 mos. it's CRAZY!!

    Love you!!
    Nanette <3

  11. You have a gummy worm day? And a national hot dog day? Yous people are weird! No not really, but hey I think I would have to pick Hot Fudge Sundae day. We don't get those 'down' here. But they sound very nice! Julie

  12. July is an awesome month! The fourth and then my grandfather was born the 19th and married my grandmother on the 5th. About 17 years later, my dad was born on the 5th and then 24 yrs later, I was born on the 14th. So without the heat and some special fireworks, I wouldn't be here! Throw in a vacation and Chocolate Day to boot and July rules. LOL

  13. I LOVE July because it's my "Birthday Month! And this year I'm turning 60...woo hoo one year closer to retirement!! LOL

  14. So many to choose from National Milk Chocolate Day, Tapicoa Pudding Day, National Cotton Candy Day, can one see the theme here? Maybe it should be Cow Appreciation Day with our cows no chocolate!! Yes that's it definitely Cow Appreciation Day.

    I look forward to the beginning of each month for this list, thanks Roni.

  15. My favorite day in July is the 19th
    it's my brothers birthday - and it was always a happy day!!

    But Chocolate day is really coming in a close second :)

  16. well of course like every patriotic American Independance day is my fav...but also that date is the day one of my favorite cousins was born

  17. Loved reading your list of July days... thanks for sharing!! Of course July 4th celebrating our freedom is #1 for me, but Chocolate Day is totally awesome... will have to get some dark chocolates for that! And Cow Appreciation Day is really important for all the yummy ice cream, cheeses, and milks.... OH and BUTTER! lololol

  18. I'm sure my favorite is July 7th Father/Daughter take a walk day. I was about 5 1/2 and my Dad took off early one afternoon from work and announced we were going on an adventure. We drove across town to my Grandma's house which was 2 blocks away from a small creek and patch of woods. We were given two old fashioned half round lunch boxes complete with thermos bottles and we started out. After walking for what seemed like hours my Dad built a small fire, we opened up the lunch boxes and had a feast of vienna wieners toasted on sticks over the fire and my Grandma had made tiny tiny hot dog buns to fit the sausages. Dusk was just coming on as we walked home and we spent some time trying to catch fire flies. I'm not sure our walk happened on the 7th, but I'm in my 60's now and I will never forget that very special time with my Dad. He had planned it for a while since my Grandma had to make the tiny buns.
    The 4th is a close second as we always gather with family and friends to celebrate and remember our country's great history.
    Jackie in Alaska

  19. July 7~father daughter take a walk together day also my dads birthday!

  20. I love the Fourth of July because I love to be patriotic all year long! My brother-in-law is about to go back to Afghanistan (fourth time!) and my nephew and niece are also in the armed services. I feel nothing but pride when saluting the flag, singing a patriotic song, or seeing men and women in uniform!

  21. July - I love July. The celebration of the birthday of the USA and Freedom Week, the colors red, white and blue - my favorites. But to be totally honest, the 1st of July is my birthday and so its extra special to me.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. LOL - where do they come up with some of these things? And what the heck is "Flitch" Day? I'm a little freaked out to realize that yesterday was the halfway point for the year which means that Christmas will be right around the corner... and I can safely say that today was more than "Hot Enough For YA" despite the fact THAT day is still 3 weeks away (sigh)! I pick Cotton Candy Day as my favorite... just hope I don't have to wait until then to enjoy some sticky sweetness =)

  23. I will have to pick Walk on Stilts day because....well, just because!! I keep imagining everyone in a city walking around on stilts and it cracks me up! Next to Stilts day, it would have to be July 28, which is my daughter's birthday..and July 30, which is my grand-daughter's birthday. Yay for July!

  24. How could the favorite be any other day tan, July 7th,
    "Chocolate Day"; yummmmm

  25. haha! I'm sure gonna stick my tounge out to everybody on the 19th - great to have an excuse *lol*
    And I sure am a dork so why not embrace it on the 15th? No I never heard of any of theese xcept the 4th - but since I'm a norwegian, I have to pick one - it's defidently gonna be a ♥
    Winnie-the-Pooh Day for me on the 15th. :)

  26. I love Railroad Day - July 18th for 2 reasons. First - it's my husband's birthday. Second - my Dad worked for the railroad his entire life. We always had train memorabilia around the house - anything railroad has a special meaning in our family!

  27. I love this list of national days! I would say it would have to be Cousins Day!! My cousin and I were very close growing up, then we grew apart....but now that we are older we have gotten close again!! Love her dearly!!

  28. I love all the days that have food in it especially chocolate and blueberries. Another is the I forgot day. I thought that was every day. LOL

  29. This year it is really easy...July 16th!

    DH and I have talked about it and talked about it for over 18 years...going on an Alaskan Cruise. On July 16th we actually set sai1!!!

  30. Suzanne NicolsonJuly 14, 2011 at 8:56 AM

    There's so many good things on that list that it's like Christmas in July. And that just happens to be my favorite July holiday. Because it's too hot around christmas in Australia to appreciate traditional fare, a lot of people do the traditional hot meal in July instead.

  31. July is one of my favourite months because of July 1st being Canada Day, and thats when my husband always takes his holidays from work, and we can spend some quality time together.I also love July 22nd as thats our wedding anniversary.(22 years this year)


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