Monday, February 21, 2011

Vintage Chain Tassel Charm

Today I wanted to share a charm that I just LOVE making...Vintage Chain Tassel Charms. 

Why do I love them you say?

Well, they are easy to make, take very few supplies but the results are amazing!!!

First you're going to need a nice selection of chain.  You could go out and buy a variety of chain from Jo-Ann's, Michaels, HL, etc. and it will work fine.  Personally I like to use vintage chain myself ~ you just can't beat the patina from old, well loved jewelry.   So, where do I get my chains?  Garage Sales, Second Hand Shops, Flea Markets, Antique Malls, etc.  I keep my eyes open for vintage necklaces, chain bracelets, chain belts, even the thicker chains intended for men's pocket watches, wallet chains, etc.   It's all fair game in my book and the best part is you can usually pick up a necklace or bracelet for $0.50 - 1.00 many times less!

Here is a selection of chain I have been collecting for a while ~ most bought at garage sales for .25 this past summer!

Vintage Chain Tassel 001

The first step in creating the tassel charm is taking apart the chain.  Now you're going to need one or two pairs of jewelry pliers to take the chains apart.  Usually the chain links are similar to jump rings ~ just twist and remove as much or as little chain as desired.  Sometimes the chain links are solid pieces. In this case I just snip a link in two to remove it from the necklace/bracelet/etc.  

I like variety so I use several different styles and colors of chain to make each tassel. You could use all one style of chain in a variety of colors, several different styles in one color, all the same chain, etc.  It's totally up to you and what chain(s) you have on hand.

You'll notice I also have a bit of pearl chain as well.  I love the way worn, vintage faux pearls look.  I think it really adds a nice texture to the finished charm.

Vintage Chain Tassel 003

Additional supplies needed are:

Cone Finding, Eye Pin and a few Jump Rings. 

Optional Supplies:

Beads, Bead Spacers and Charms (for the bottom of one or more of your chains)

Vintage Chain Tassel 005


1. You need to string several lengths of chain to the Eye Pin.  This can be done in any number of ways.  I like to hook two chains onto one jump ring then attach that jump ring to the eye pin.  I normally use between 5-7 pieces of chain in a variety of lengths for each tassel.

Vintage Chain Tassel 006

2. Continue adding chain until you have the desired number of chains.

Vintage Chain Tassel 007

3. Thread the eye pin through the cone and if desired add beads and/or bead spacers.

Vintage Chain Tassel 008

4. Use a pair of jewelry pliers to make the loop on the pin and cut off the excess wire. 

5. If desired add charm(s) to the bottom of one or more of the chains.  I like to add the charms after the tassel has been assembled because it will change the length of each chain.   It's easier to keep a nice balance to the finished tassel if you add them in the last step.

And here is the finished tassel!

Vintage Chain Tassel 009

Cool isn't it?

I just love making these charms...
they are lots of fun and the combinations are endless!!

I hope you give it a try sometime.


  1. Another Really Cool Share!!! I do buy the old jewelry and chains, but will have to remember this idea!!! I recently purchased old sweather clips and will use them as book closures...They weren't as Pricey as the new ones from Prima.
    TFS Patti

  2. Pretty! I am just loving all your ideas to make charms!

  3. Great charm Roni, love this one, Judith xx

  4. That is fantastic! Love it! Will definitely have to try making one!

  5. Another marvelous charm!

  6. Love this one if I didn't already have my charms ready to mail I might have changed my mind but I am going to try this one.

  7. I'm so glad I saved some of the old chains necklaces my Mom had of my Grammas! Love this one!!!

  8. Those are very cool indeed! (You ever make anything that's not cool? I don't think so!)


  9. Love it!! Really awesome idea to add more fun to my tags, thank you!!

  10. WOW...what an idea. I have lots of old stuff and never thought about doing that. I have made dangles from beads and stuff but never thought about chains. THANK YOU...THANK YOU for sharing. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!



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