Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tool Tip ~ Dremel Drill Block

Several people asked me what the block I was using to drill holes when I was using my Dremel in the photo below.

Chess Charm 001

It's actually what's left from a wood mounted stamp that I unmounted!  I use the top side to place flat items that don't have a tendency to move alot when you're drilling them...

Dremel Drill Block 001

and I left the foam on the side that the rubber die used to reside.  The foam helps hold slippery or hard to hold items in place while I'm drilling. 

Dremel Drill Block 002

It's great because it's thick enough to protect my desk when I am drilling but not too large to make it a pain to store.  I just slide it under one of the shelves on my desk and pull it out whenever needed.  Best part is it was free and I don't have to feel bad about tossing it when I have drilled too many holes in it and no longer functional.

So there you go ~ a great idea to help protect your work surface without taking up lots of space or $'s!


  1. Great tip! I always have to lug stuff out to dh's shop but this would be better!

  2. What a neat idea Roni. I like that its portable and free!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Leave it to you to think of such a fab use for those old stamp blocks.

  4. Roni, you always have THE best tips for us! I've been doing the same thing, except I didn't leave the foam on. And leaving the foam on seems to be a genius idea! Must do exactly that when I start using my next drill block!



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