Monday, February 28, 2011

More and more charms!

This flu is still kickin' my butt which is why I didn't post more this past weekend.   Many many people have asked if I'm going to share photos of the charms from the swap ~ Yes I am!  I am going to wait and share them after I have sent the charms back to everyone.  I was thinking I'd share them in one post but I think there may be way too many for one post so I'll spread them out over a couple days I think.

On that note, I did receive several packages on Friday and Saturday ~ sorry I didn't post about them sooner but I rec'd the following....

Sandy ~ OMG ~ It took me a bit to figure out what your main element was...when I did it was like ~ that is so freakin cool :)  I never thought to do that but I can't wait to share it with everyone!  Way cool idea!

Ginger ~ Both sets are beautiful...I especially like the fairy set!  Those are one of my favorite items to make charms from!

 Erika ~ Your charms made it safe and sound :)  As I told you when I first saw them...they are super :)  Very cool looking!!

Judith N ~ The charms made it just fine! No worries at all about not having the bubble wrap ~ the felt did the trick and they are beautiful :)

Emma ~ Beautiful charms...each and every one!  Couldn't pick a fav. if I had to :)

Diane K ~ Oh Diane they turned out great!  Love the colors and extra goodies you hung from them :)  Thanks so much for the cool little bottle and the vintage lotto cards!  LOVE them!

Getting close now folks! 

I can hardly wait to share them all with you :)


  1. plenty of fluids and rest - hope you are feeling better soon!
    Sandra ltb

  2. You take care of yourself Roni. Feel better.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Here's wishing you're feeling well very soon!

  4. Hoping you feel better soon. Glad you like the charms! x

  5. Hope you are feeling better!
    Thanks for the kind words about my charms :-)


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