Saturday, February 26, 2011

General Charm Info ?'s

Several people have asked questions over the last few days...I thought I'd post the answers here in case others have the same questions...   Oh and I know I am forgetting a couple questions so if I missed yours, jlmk :)

A few people who aren't in the charm swap asked where I purchased the pins I'm giving away to each swap participant.

I actually bought them off of e-bay ~  Kilt Pins ~ but it was a lot of 144 pins.  I know that's alot but I thought I would list a few on my Etsy store and I would be willing to share them here as well.   If you're interested I would be willing to sell these at 1.00 each plus shipping.  I'm not looking to make loads of money on them just charging what will cover the cost of the pin, pay-pal charges and actual postage.   If you're interested, you can e-mail me at ronijj @ g mail (dot) com (no spaces).

 Will I be having another Altered Charm Swap in the future?

Yes.  There seems to be lots of interest so I think I'll have another sometime in the summer/fall. 

Will I continue to post ideas for altered charms even after the swap is over?

Yes!  Lots of people have expressed interest and told me how much they love these ideas so your wish is my command :)  I have LOADS of ideas for charms and I think of more and more each day so I'll be posting altered charm ideas on a regular basis. 

Is my fetish necklace heavy? 

Not as heavy as you'd think.  Most of the pieces are very light so it looks much heavier than it actually is.

How many charms are on the necklace?

Honestly I have no idea.  I just started making and adding charms as I had time.  I stopped adding when it looked finished (in my mind).   I guess I should count them because I get asked that question when I wear it too.

What did I use to seal the photo charms and collaged dominoes?

I used Glossy Accents on all of the images. 

I know there were a couple other questions but I just can't remember them right now. Sorry if I missed your ?  .... please let me know if I did and what it was.  I'd be happy to answer it if I can!


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. Love all your ideas.

  2. Thanks Roni! Hopefully I can join in your next swap!

  3. Oh Roni, I just wanted to stop by to say that you are such an inspiration to me! The Steampunk charms that you made sent me on a search for clear tubing and into my jewelry stash. I came up with some wonderful charms, thanx to you. They are here:


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!