Thursday, February 17, 2011

Altered Key Charms

Hi Everyone...  I want to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and comforting words.  It's amazing how much reading each message and e-mail helps.  I went back into my craft room today for the first time since Monday and I have to say that inking up my fingers and creating is such a healing act.  I was able to plunge into today's project and forget everything else.  I'm a big time cry baby but I haven't shed a single tear since walking into that room...

on to today's project...

Altered Key Charm

I have always loved keys.  I don't really know why...maybe it's because they come in so many different styles and shapes or maybe it's the mystery of never knowing for sure what lock those keys opened.   Either way they have always been something that has fascinated me.  Several years ago I was lucky enough to stumble onto a GREAT deal... a 35lb tin FULL of all sorts of keys!  What fun it was to sort through them and share with other crafty friends.

Key Charms 001

NOTE: the key with a crown on the top is a very old hotel key that was never used!  How cool is that :)

Today I wanted to share a cool charm incorporating a few of those keys with my Altered Key Charms.  I will also be using the Twisted Wire & Paper Butterfly Wing Charms I shared with you earlier in the week.

As far as the supplies go it's pretty wide open.  You can embellish your key charms with just about anything you can think of.  Some of my favorite things are watch parts ~ gears, faces, hands, etc.; vintage/junk jewelry parts; faux gemstones; collage images; hardware bits; etc.   It's just so much fun to see what all you can lump on there!

Key Charms 004

You'll also need a good strong glue.  I like to use super glue or jewelry glue.  Brands are totally up to you...I use what I can find. 

Once you've gathered your keys and decorative goodies you're all set.  It's time to play!

I begin by laying various bits and pieces on the key to see what I want to use for each charm.  After I find a look I like I remove each item in sequence then begin gluing each piece to the key.

Depending on the various parts and pieces you use your charms could take on any number of looks... Steampunk, vintage, victorian, shabby chic, grunge, industrial, etc.
It's all up to you and the goodies you use!

Key Charms 007

And here are the charms I made today...

Key Charms 013

Key Charms 012

Key Charms 010

The next two Key Charms incorporate the Twisted Wire & Paper wings I made...

Key Charms 009

Key Charms 008

I still have one more charm but it wasn't finished when I took the pics so I'll share that with you another time.

So there you go...
another quick and easy
but oh so fun charm to try!

Be feel free to share links to your creations if you try this or any of the other charms I've shared with you!


  1. Very clever! Love what you incorporated into each piece....looks like your feeling better and back making wonderful charms.

    I just discovered your blog about a month ago. It's fun and upbeat and full of inspiration. I may not leave a msg each time, but I DO enjoy coming by!

    Hugs from Colorado

  2. I am loving these!! I have a sack of old keys I that I salvaged from work...they are all shapes sizes and patinas, I can't wait to try this!!
    Thanks for sharing...Patti

  3. I love these! So inspiring. I have a drawer full of old jewelry from my Grandmother that I hope to incorporate into embellishments such as these for tops of boxes. Thank you so much!

  4. How awesome! I love them all! Glad you were able to get some ink on them fingers today!

  5. Oh my gosh, those are so incredible!!!

  6. These are just spectacular! I love them all but especially the ones with the bent wires.

  7. OMG - these are simply fabulous!

  8. They are fantastic! Glad your spirits were lifted by creating some great art!

  9. Love these!
    Glad I have the day off tomorrow, play day!

  10. Your charms are AWESOME!!! I can't wait to give them a try. shari (cricutrookie)

  11. You have really out done yourself. These are so unique looking. I can't wait to do some myself. Thanks for your inspiration.

  12. These are fabulous Roni! I must find more cool supplies so I can give these a try!

  13. Roni -

    These are just awesome! I am so in love with them. I am amazed how you turned a common, everyday item into such a special piece of art! GORGEOUS!

    Elaine Allen

  14. ewwww ahhhhh!!! i love are on a roll..tfs..loves ya

  15. they are fabulous! I especially love the butterfly with the clock face! OMG! I'm gonna start stealing people's keys now!!

  16. wow u amaze me with cool and so cute! I need to hunt down some kesy! xo cher

  17. That hotel key with the crown on top is AWESOME! What a find! I have a drawer full of old I have something to do with them! Another amazing project!

  18. Roni I am so sorry for your loss and understand how you are feeling. Thankfully you have your art to create and I am so grateful that you so generously share with us. Warm hugs to you...

  19. Seriously cool idea thanks so much for posting your beautiful key charms.

  20. Thanks for sharing the paper and wire tutorial: Love what you've done with them here.
    Now to gather my 'treasures' together...

  21. love love your charms! Such a brilliant idea. Thanks for your everyday inspiration!

  22. Very cool, and so versatile! One could glue almost anything on there, and create very different looks, just like you said. Maybe I'll even use some of my teeny tiny puzzle pieces?!


  23. These are fantastic. So unique and clever!

  24. I'm missing words, that really cool.

  25. All I can say is WOW! You make me want to RUN to my junque box and make art! Thank you!

  26. To think of all the keys that have been tossed out in the past... great idea to use them... the crown key is awesome!!!

  27. You've done it again! Absolutely stunning results! Must dig into my jar of old keys and pull a few...
    Okay TO-DO list just got longer ;-)

  28. WOW these are really great! I would never had thought of this.

  29. Way over the top cool!!! I have just the right place to hang one of those charms on a gift I am making.

    Thanks for the fantabulous ideas!

  30. Fab inspiration Roni - I have a huge box of keys, (they've always fascinated me too...!) just awaiting this article!
    Thank you!

  31. OOOH Roni! This are awesome I love them all! I have a key stash too and was just telling someone yesterday it is out of control! I think perhaps today is a good day to get them out! I would also love to learn how to make the wire wrapped ones with the beads on them...Lovin' the keys!
    As always! Thanks Roni for your amazing work!

  32. I knew before I even scrolled down that I was going to experience something beautiful. And you did not fail me...again! I've really never been very interested in charms until you started this series! NOW, I can't wait to fine/make some of my own!

    AGAIN..thank you so much for being who you are!

  33. These look amazing! I would never have chosen to use that Ford key because it was too uninteresting. After all, it's modern, and from a car. But you made it unbelievably special!

  34. Oh these are awesome!!!! Fabulous idea!

  35. Wow! Those are so cool! I need to locate my old key collection!


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