Thursday, February 24, 2011

6 more Charm Packages rec'd

I had several packages arrive today...makes me wonder if someone along the way wasn't hording them!  Maybe they know there are gems in them thar envies ;)

Today I rec'd the following:

Elaine P - Darling charms!  Did you buy the sand or is it from a favorite beach of yours?  The little tag you attached your charm too is perfect :)  I notice you're from NJ ~ when I went out there for Ranger I was able to visit the ocean for the first time.  I brought home a water bottle full of sand from the beach we visited and I've been using it here and there for lots of my "beachy" projects.  Thanks so much for the extra goodies you included :) 

Gail N ~ As I told you before ~ LOVE your charms...such a clever design!  I am so going to have to make some of these. Thanks for the beautiful thank you card.

Paula A ~ OMG ~ who would have ever thought washers could look so cool!!  Awesome idea!

Kristy ~ Way cool charms...I love your design and all the nifty "extras" on them.  Very pretty!!  Your enive was cool too!

Michensey ~ Your charms arrived today :)  As I mentioned before they are worries at all sweetie :)

Judith ~ Your charms have arrived from Poppy Cottage!  Now I have to say that I would love to see where you live.  With such an enchanting name I'm sure I would love it!    Your charms are totally amazing ~ I was even going to share a charm similar to your spool charm ;)  The tags you made are beautiful as well!!  Did you use a die-cut for the flowers?  If so who was the maker?  I really like the finished look!

I'm sorry I didn't have time to get a tutorial or project around for today... After the ice melted today ds and I ended up going to the dr's today ~ the entire family is sick... One person in dh's family got it and we've been spending so much time together that we're passing it around.  I think the dr will be able to go on a very nice vacation after all the visits he's had from the family over the past few days!  I'm hoping to spend tomorrow playing in the craft room so I'll have something to share with you then :)


  1. Hi, glad you like my charms. The sand is from Sandy Hook, the beach we go to in Jersey.

  2. Would love it if you would post pictures of the charms you get. I have just started to make some of them and could use the inspiration.
    Thanks! Marcie

  3. Hope you all start feeling better soon! Bugs like that have a habit of staying around for a while, unfortunately.

  4. Hi Roni, I'm relieved that my charms have arrived! The flower is made from the Spellbinders Nestability Peony Die, scrunched, and inked. There are three layers of three sizes on there(nine layers in total). Thanks for your lovely comments, Judith xx

  5. Glad to see your mail is making it through and hope that continues. Sorry to hear you and your family are under the weather. There are some mean germs making the rounds here too. Hoping for a speedy recovery! Paula A.

  6. aww bummer u are sick! get better fast... I do hope you will post pics of the charms..Im dying to see them after all your comments on whats in the mail! I only sent enuf for one swap, now sorry I only did a few! xo cher


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