Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CD Calendar Questions

Sorry I've not posting the answers to some of the most asked questions about the CD Techniques as quickly as I should have. It's been unusually busy lately...since CHA is out of the way things should slow down a bit.

July - Distress Inks/Wrinkle Free Distress - YES, adding the colors in layers really does make a huge difference in the finished look. I know many people thought otherwise but the proof really is in the end results. It's amazing how different they look by adding one color at a time.

August - Adirondack Dye Ink/Faux Watercolor Stamping - The main question I got about this technique is if you could use other types of ink ~ I believe you can use just about any type of dye ink.

Another question I got was about the image coming out too blurry. My answer - too much water. I know you may already have a squirt bottle you use for your crafts but seriously the Mini Mister really does make for a better result. The mist is finer and the droplet size is smaller than regular squirt bottles. If you don't have/don't want a Mini Mister then I'd suggest holding your squirt bottle at least 15" from your inked stamp and add only one quirt to see if that helps. OR you could squirt the water up in the air and "catch" it with your inked stamp.

September - Distress Embossing Powders/Mixed Up Powders - Many people asked who made the stamp I used for this technique - Sorry, forgot to add that in the supply list! It's a Crafts Etc. stamp from Hobby Lobby. It's not found in the stamp section of the store though...it's in the area where they have the polymer clay. It was originally intended as a texture plate for clay but it works great for stamping!

Another question was about using alternative EP's.... you can use them but you're just not going to get the same grainy distressed results.

October - Adirondack Color Wash/Salt Wash - The biggest comment/question about this technique was the use of Color Wash. No, you don't have to use Color Wash inks ~ you can use virtually any dye ink/re-inker for this particular technique. You may not get the vivid results with re-inkers that you do with the Color Wash since it's inks are so much more concentrated but it's all good. :)

And finally....

Yes, you can blame me when you explain to your dh how you NEED to go shopping for more supplies ;) It won't be the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last so go ahead...tell him it's my fault. LOL!!


  1. hey...he wants your number LMAO!.luvvvvvvvv the leather look..so many uses too! who else..cher

    hey...have u done RU?

  2. I am doing my best to keep up but I may (may?) have to go shopping first.


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