Monday, January 18, 2010

CD Calendar - October - Adirondack Color Wash

OMGOSH! I have been waiting for this month!! I so love the month and product for so many reasons...October besides being my b-day month is right in the heart of autumn and it hosts one of my favorite holidays - Halloween!! What fun :) AND Adirondack Color Wash IMO is an under appreciated Ranger product. It is so very versatile and can be used to create so many beautiful projects! So many people think it's only for fabrics but I LOVE using it on paper, wood, chipboard, and so much more. Today's technique is one of my absolute favorites when paired with Color Wash inks....I call it ~ Salt Wash!

CD Calendar


Adirondack Color Wash - Salt Wash

cd calendar - october 001


Adirondack Color Wash



Mini Mister (filled with water)

Heat It Craft Tool

Archival or Adirondack Ink

Stamps (Inkadinkado)



1. Mist 1-3 colors of Color Wash dye ink onto your cardstock. I am using Wild Plum and Lettuce for this project.

cd calendar - october 002

2. Mist with water to get your inks "moving".

cd calendar - october 004

3. Sprinkle on a generous helping of salt. I like to use coarse salt but really any grain size works. Use what you have :) The salt draws the water/ink in creating many little concentrated pools of color wherever it lands.

cd calendar - october 005

4. Speed dry the ink using a heat tool. You can let it dry naturally but the inks may run and turn into a muddy mess as the paper curls (because of the moisture).

cd calendar - october 006

5. Once the inks have dried completely rub off the salt crystals. It is VERY important to wait until the inks are all the way dry...if you try to rub off the salt before the ink has dried they will smear and ruin your cool salty pattern.

cd calendar - october 007

Here is how my salt wash turned out....

cd calendar - october 009

6. Stamp (if desired) with Archival or Adirondack Dye Inks.

cd calendar - october 010

7. Embellish and mount to the cd.

cd calendar - october 011

cd calendar - october 013

Cool huh?

The best thing about using the Salt Wash technique is you never get the same results twice! There are so many variables ~ amount of ink, amount of water, how the dyes combine, salt type/crystal size; dry time, etc. that you just can't predict what your finished product will look like.


  1. I haven't got any of the color washes, yet! LOL Now I just might have to add some to my stuff.

  2. Love this, love Colorwash sprays! Thanks so much, can't wait to try it.

  3. luv it..I dont have any of those..hmmm....u keep costing me money girly lol

  4. Very nice Roni Love it! I dont have color washes either. Can I make my own with reinkers and water?? I have a few Distress reinkers and some whispers reinkers.

  5. I love the effect but don't have colourwash either I use Shadowpaint or Ecoline for this.

  6. This technique is super cool, too!! You amaze me!


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