Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CD Calendar - August - Adirondack Dye Ink

Today's technique features Ranger's Adirondack Dye Ink Pads ~ it is Faux Watercolor Stamping!

This is a perfect technique when you're looking for a more muted, soft image like those in watercolor paintings.

CD Calendar


Adirondack Dye Ink & Faux Watercolor Stamping

CD Calendar - August 001


Adirondack Dye Ink

Mini Mister (filled w/water)


Adirondack Pigment Pen (optional)

Heat It Craft Tool

Rubber Stamp(s) - Delta & Stampin Up



1. Using the corner of your ink pad, apply various colors of ink to your rubber stamp. I am using Espresso here to ink the center of my flower stamp. I am also using Lemonade for the innermost area of the petals, Butterscotch on the majority of the flower petals and Terra Cotta on the outer edges of the petals.

If you're not comfortable with inking your stamp this way, you might try inking it up a few times, stamping it off on scrap paper just to get the feel of how to apply the ink. Once you get the hang of it ~ it takes no time at all.

CD Calendar - August 002

2. Mist the inked stamp with one or two squirts of water. If you're not using the Mini Mister - one squirt will probably do the trick...just remember you don't want too much water.

CD Calendar - August 003

3. Press the stamp onto your cardstock. I usually get 3-4 good images using one inking/misting. Of course the second and third generations of images will be lighter in color but they add some real depth to your finished project.

CD Calendar - August 004

CD Calendar - August 005

4. Repeat inking, misting and stamping until you have your cardstock covered.

5. Dry the images using a Heat It Craft Tool or let dry naturally.

CD Calendar - August 006

6. Add any additional images desired. I added some two step leaves from Stampin' Up. I stamped the leaf background using the watercolor technique using Lettuce ink then added the second image (veins) by stamping normally with Meadow Adirondack Ink.

7. (Optional) If you'd like to add a bit of detail to your image Adirondack Pigment Pens are the perfect answer! They come in matching colors for the earth tone shades of Adirondack Ink and if stored properly* (horizontal) they work like a charm.

CD Calendar - August 010

CD Calendar - August 009

*Note: if these pens are not stored on their sides the ink has a tendency to seperate and you'll end up with funky colors.

8. Cut your page out and embellish.

CD Calendar - August 011

9. Mount your page on the appropriate CD calendar page. To punch the holes in the CD's I used a Crop-A-Dial paper punch from We R Memory Keepers. You could also drill a hole using a Dremel Rotary Tool as suggested by one of Ink Stains readers :)

CD Calendar - August 012

CD Calendar - August 013

I used farm and garden ephemera to decorate today's page because August is one of the busiest times here on the farm...hay & garden goodies are going full steam and the sunflowers are in full bloom :) I was so tickled when I found the collage image of the farm boys with Hereford cows just like ours (Tuscan Rose) ~ reminds me of my guys!!

So there you go!

Into the Dog Days of Summer with this page...

I only wish we had just a bit of the heat from those days to warm us all up a bit.

I don't know about you but I'm getting down right tired of all this cold weather.

Well, be sure to tune in tomorrow for September's CD Calendar Page and another fun Ranger product to play with :)

Now, when was the last time you played with your inks?!?!?


  1. So far I'm keeping up. I played last night doing June. I'm still at work (waiting for my ride). I work half day tomorrow so I hope to play in my inks until all my fingers are inky.

  2. Thanks for another great "month!" (For a minute I thought we were having two for July!) LOL

  3. Hi Roni -

    I really love that technique with the spray of water. It looks really neat (I also love that stamp). Loved the page and yes, I am so ready for a little warmer weather. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Elaine Allen

  4. Yummy! Your flowers came out perfect! I just love doing this technique with my inks. Gives whatever your stampin' so much more depth...lovin' your blog and your tips! Hope your cows and babies are doin' fine. I love cows, they are so cute!

  5. this such a pretty technique , i love the extra detail you added too....

    i noticed you said Sept, dont forget August lol....

  6. that is beautiful Roni!! what a cool technique!! had no idea there were markers to go with the inks!! yeesh, what will they think of next!! you can come visit me in California whenever you want!! i have most of the ranger products, so we could play play play!! wink!!


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