Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vintage Postcard Sunday - Winter Images

This weeks postcards feature a recent addition to Indiana's weather score card....SNOW! Yep, it's started snowing a bit this week...a couple mornings we've had snow collected in the crevices but no real accumulation ~ yet! They say we're supposed to get some this week so we'll see if they are right or not. Just for the record, I'm not ready for it...I guess I don't get to vote though ;) LOL!!

Not sure where these are from since they are in other languages but they are pretty places. If anyone knows the areas, please feel free to post and let us know where they are located.

Sommerfrische Puchberg am Schneeberg, N.Oe.

120609 winter postcards 001

Ertchweigerhaus 1000m

Donnersbach. Ennstal. Stmk.

120609 winter postcards 003

Abetone - Vista del Monte Gimito

Rifugio della Senetta (m. 1800)

120609 winter postcards 005

Abetone - Monte Gimito

Il Rifugio della Selletta (m 1800)

120609 winter postcards 006

Flachau im Pongau, Salzburg

(Now, I do recognize this name...I believe it's Germany)

120609 winter postcards 008


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  1. Wonderful! These images make me want to fetch my wool socks! brrr! :)


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