Monday, December 21, 2009

Schmooze with Suze - Closing Webstore!

I got this a couple of days ago but what with finishing up some Christmas gifts and such I haven't had time to post it.

Not sure if you're familiar with Suze Weinberg or not but she's the person behind Rangers UTEE line of goods. She has up until now had an on-line webstore called Schmooze with Suze. She has decided to close the store. Here is her official announcement. Be sure to stop by and check out the discounts.

~ Schmooze with Suze Store Closing ~

It was not a difficult decision because I knew it was the right one & it felt 200% right to me.....I have decided to close my office. I am NOT - NOT - NOT retiring - repeat NOT. I am only retiring from selling online. is a great opportunty to check each page at for some great deals. The office will unload as much as possible with your help and then,with the target date of mid January, close.

I will still be teaching, demoing, traveling, developing product for Ranger, keeping my Yahoo Group, FaceBook, Twitter, my e-newsletter which goes thru the website as well as the Free Downloadable collages, my YOU TUBE videos, Ranger "U"...the whole 9 yards...everything else will stay the same.

Maintaining the office, staff, products, etc all got to be just too draining and I hate to have my energy sapped....I need lots of it ! So...fear not..I'll still be around, same email and all. And if & when we want NJ classes I'll simply rent the room from the problem !

SOoooo...Jump on over to the website and help us unload some stock....we'll keep adding discounts daily....Check my blog which has specials that are NOT on the website. What'cha waitin' for.......GET BUSY...Xmas is coming !

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