Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reader Request - Ranger Vintage Scented Ink Re-Inkers - PLEASE!!!

Hi Guys ~

I rec'd a request for some help locating a few re-inkers for some of Ranger's very cool discontinued "Vintage" scented line of inks. I am going to contact Ranger on Monday but I thought I'd toss this out to you all just in case you might know where to find these re-inkers.

"This is a request for assistance in a search for reinkers.

About 3 years ago Ranger put out a line of 'vintage' inks that were in retro metal tins and were scented. It was a gimmick and the scents weren't great so the line was discontinued.

Unfortunately some of the colors were WONDERFUL. In particular the Pumpkin Pie is the perfect shade for fall - pumpkins, leaves, etc. Ditto for Starry Night - the absolute best shade of blue for winter cards with night skies, angels, etc.

So I am on a search on the after market for reinkers for these: Pumpkin Pie, Starry Night and Spearmint.

If you or any of your readers would have any ideas, I'd be most appreciative!

Thanks! much"

If you can help, please either post here or e-mail me so I can pass the information along.

I'm sure any leads would be much appreciated!


  1. So funny that you mentioned these. I just put two of them in my give away stash bag. Mint Julep and Sparkling grape Soda. Grape smelled good but the ink pad wasn't stuck to the tin so when it opened it fell out and completely inked my hands lol I know they aren't reinkers or even the colors someone wanted but I'd send them to someone if the would like them. LMK

  2. I know what you mean.....I love those pads too! Especially the blue. You are so right, it is the prettiest blue ink I've ever seen. Almost velvety looking. I found a store or two that carries either some of the pads or reinkers. This first one has the pumpkin one!

    Next store has quite a few of the pads (no reinkers though...sorry.)

    This one has a couple of the reinkers, although not the ones you mentioned by name:

    Also, have you ever seen the Nick Bantock inks? They too are very yummy and I think are probably closest to some of the sadly discontinued Ranger Scented Vintage Inks colors, esp. the darker ones. You can get them at Somerset Studios online shop, and Blockhead stamps (they seem to have the best price so link follows)

    Hope some of this helps. :-)

  3. wow! thanks for your very clear, detailed tutorials! the're wonderful!

    linda t :0)

  4. Sorry, I won't part with mine ;) I got four of theese pads, years ago - & they sure smells 2 yummy :) especially season greetings, pumpkin pie, apple cinnamon & hot cocoa! I've had no troubles with theese, and I even got ink left in the re-inkers. The smell when I open the pads - STILL there! Would love it if similar colors came out in the tim holtz pads, gorgeous! :)


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