Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finished Mini Ornaments

Here are the finished mini ornaments from yesterday!

I added the bottle cap to a plastic snowflake cut from a garland...

mini ornaments 016

This charm was mounted to a piece of old jewelry that had lost it's stone.

mini ornaments 017

Beads on a wire and a tiny gemstone finish off this mini ornament...

mini ornaments 018

and finally I used a dangle earring and a bit of silk ribbon on this mini ornament.

mini ornaments 019

Remember these are just a few ideas on ways to finish off your mini ornaments. There are so many goodies you can add for just the right touch. Just look around and see what you have in your stash ;)


  1. Wow Roni -

    These really came out beautiful. I love them. Think I will make a couple to decorate the Xmas tree in my Grandmother's room at the nursing home.

    Elaine Allen

  2. These turned out nice too! Who knew, eh?!!


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