Monday, December 21, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments - #21 - Felt Mitten Gift Card Holder

Hey Everyone!

Whew, been a wild few days so I'm a bit behind. I had planned on catching up a bit by adding 2 ornaments today BUT the 2nd set of pics all ended up yucky ~ lost the light this afternoon due to clouds and my flash washed it all out to nothing. :S Soooo, I'll try those again tomorrow and add an extra to get caught up again.

I hope you've all been having a great holiday season so far. We've got part of our Christmas finished and we're gearing up for the rest this weekend. I have finished up several hand made goodies for family the past few days and I have just a couple more left to go. Mostly hand made charms/jewelry ~ I hope they like!

Today's ornament is a mitten that I rec'd from a friend. Now it originally contained some chocolates inside but I think it would also make a great gift card holder to hang on the tree! It's very quick and oh so simple with just a few supplies you may already have in your stash!

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

#21 - Felt Mitten Gift Card Holder


Mitten Pattern (below)



Large eye Needle

Wired Tinsel


mitten 003


1. Use the above pattern and cut two pieces from felt (color of your choice).

NOTE: One sheet of felt will yield about 3 mittens.

2. Using the needle and yarn, stitch the outside edges. This isn't a perfect science...uneven stitches just add character!

3. Embellish your mitten. My friend used a second piece of felt and a snowflake button. The possibilities are endless!

4. Attach wired tinsel to the back side of the mitten for hanging on the tree. You can either attach with glue or tuck each end into a stitch and bend the wire to secure.

You're mitten is ready to be filled, given and enjoyed!!!

mitten 001


  1. Roni -

    I love the felt mitten. This is so cute. I also think it would be great with a little catnip in a muslin bag stuffed inside with the top stitched closed. Little kittens would be sure not to lose their mittens! Sorry - couldn't resist - LOL! Truly, I think this is just sweet.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Thank you Roni for another cute idea. I was thinking of giving the grandkids some movie money and you just showed me how. Merry Christmas.


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