Tuesday, December 8, 2009

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments - #10 - Optical Lens Ornaments

Today's ornament is really easy but it looks oh so cool because it's made from a vintage Optical Lens!! These are one of my fav's because I love all things vintage. Sometimes I think simple objects (like the opt. lens) makes a great statement.

Here you go...

25 Days of Hand Made Ornaments

#10 - Optical Lens Ornaments

The great thing about these ornaments is they are large enough to look great on a tree but they are small enough to double as a charm for your necklace too!! Add them to cards for a gift n card in one, you can even use them on scrapbook pages or in your altered art projects. They really are handy little pieces to create.

#10 - Optical Lens Ornament 001


Optical Lens (you can find these on E-bay cheaper than a retail on-line store)

Collage Image

Glossy Accents

Micro Beads




1. Determine what area of your collage image you want to use for your ornament. Don't worry if there are white edges showing a bit. We'll take care of that in later steps.

#10 - Optical Lens Ornament 002

2. Apply Glossy Accents to the back side of the optical lens and place it on the collage image. Some optical lenses are curved so you may have to form the image to the lens temporarily while the Glossy Accents begins to dry. Once the image has set, you may set it aside to dry completely.

#10 - Optical Lens Ornament 003

3. After the image has dried, cut away the excess paper and wipe off any extra Glossy Accents that may have gotten on the metal frame.

4. Run a line of Glossy Accents along the edge of the frame as desired then sprinkle on some micro beads (color of your choice). This will cover any white edges that may have been showing while adding dimension and interest. Let this dry completely.

#10 - Optical Lens Ornament 004

5. Add a ribbon and hanger...and ENJOY!

#10 - Optical Lens Ornament 005

Way easy but oh what wonderful results!

As I mentioned above by simply changing the Christmas image to other images you could easily have a charm to wear or an embellishments for cards, scrapbook pages, collage or altered art projects. The possibilities are endless!!!

Now, I know sometimes optical lenses are hard to find so I'm going to be giving a couple away along with a few Christmas images and micro beads!

Just post your comment here and you'll be entered to win!

You have until 12-13-09 to enter!

Good Luck Friends!!


  1. Roni, I love your site. I have learned so many techniques - thank you for sharing. This optical lens ornament is cute and easy to make. Keep up the great techniques.
    Reba in Illinois

  2. this is gorgeous! I have loved seeing all your ornament ideas, and will definitely be making some of them for my tree!! (after I finish the Christmas cards, that is...)

  3. this is adorable! I have the micro beads, just no lenses! would be great to win some...maybe you could tell us where to find them too? thanks Roni...luving your ornaments! cher

  4. what a cool idea. i have never seen the lens (well outside a dr office anyway). That is a way cool idea. Thanks for all the work u do with the ideas.

  5. I'm really enjoying your ornaments! FUN ideas! TFS I love this one especially!

  6. I was wondering where to find the lenses thank you for the info. This is my fav so far. I really enjoy checking out your site every day.

  7. Roni -

    Another fantastic ornament. And I love the idea of turning it into a pendant! I know you have loads of things going on in your life, so I really appreciate your doing these ornaments for us. As I've said before, I am having a blast going through your daily blog posts.

    Thanks so much.

    Elaine Allen

  8. Love the ornament. I totally forgot I have glass ornaments and microbeads. Now to find some images...

  9. Well, I need to win so I xan make those! They're great.

  10. Wow this is a quick and easy but beautiful ornament. I would be very happy to receive a few of those optical lenses you have for give-away. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Well done. :o)

  11. What I would give to be able to come up with ideas like yours! Thanks so much for sharing! Those micro beads are really so cool:)))) Love the vintage look......Thanks Roni

  12. does your eye doctor know you took his lenses?
    Love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. How amazing. I have to marvel at the creative things people can do and what is available in other countries. I wish we got some of these items here in South Africa. I realise I won't win living in a different country but thank you for sharing.

    Yvonne in South Africa

  14. Roni, I love this ornament, and easy to make. Optical lens, don't have, maybe improvise with acrylic shapes but love the chance to win actual lenses. Thanks for all the time you put into this blog. I love visiting and learning. Thanks again.

    Val B.

  15. this ornament is lovely - I would love to win a lens to give it a try....thanks for sharing your ideas

  16. This is my first time here and I´m already in love with your works! Thanks for the inspiration and I will return, very soon!!

    And yes, I´d love to win the optical lens!!

    Thanks again!
    Hugs from Thyllan

  17. I just found your website from a google search. I LOVE IT! Thanks for all the great ideas. I now have you bookmarked & I'll be checking back often.


  18. What a great idea! I have not seen this done before and can't wait to try it. If I could only find the lenses.....

  19. I just found your site and totally love it!! Your ornaments are gorgeous

  20. My kids and I want to do this for teacher gifts. Great idea. thanks,

  21. Awesome idea! I love the look of this little ornament, especially the microbeads...great touch! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas...when's the 2nd book coming out. :-)

  22. Roni you amaze me the way you always come up with something that is so easy to do but looks stunning - thanks for the inspiration and the chance to win.

  23. What great ornaments. I especially like this one - it looks pretty, and appears fairly simple!

  24. I've been enjoying all your awesome ornaments and would love to be included in your draw , Optical lenses are getting really hard to find!

  25. what a brillant idea, I've got loads of seed beads but didn't know what to do with them .
    off to search for optical lenses now.

  26. i love your ornaments but the vintage lens one is the best yet - thanks for the inspiration! and i hope i win!

  27. Wow I love these Ornaments. I have never seen the Optical Lens in Australia. Would love to know where to purchase them. kaye.churchill@bigpond.com

  28. Your ornaments are fabulous!!! I look forward to each one!! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  29. Between following Tim's Tags and your ornaments I'm in creativity overload!! LOL I've been loving all of your ornament ideas but this lens one is just fantastic!! Absolutely love it!!

  30. I'm a student optician, so I am in love with this ornament! But I'm sure my boss wouldn't appreciate me doing this with the lenses at work. Loving all your ideas!! :D

  31. Roni - You are awesome! Not only do you share way-cool ideas, now you want to share the materials to create these beautiful ornaments. Well, count me for this wonderful opportunity! Thanks! ~Tara D.

  32. Beautiful ornament!!! Thank you for doing all these ornaments and sharing the details!!!


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