Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Snow Day Activity Jar

Today's edition of Christmas in July has more to do with the cool wintry weather that many of us are missing about this time of year...(why did I ever complain about it being cool!!!).

Snow Day Activity Jar!

Winter Activity Jar003

This fun little jar is easy to make and filled with fun activities to keep the kids occupied on those oh so blustery days of winter!


Glass or plastic jar (I got this one at the Dollar Store)

Stickles Glitter Glue

Glitter (glass or mylar)

Faux Gemstone Pendent (optional)

Snowflake Embellishments (optional)

Print out of the Activity List

Fiber or Ribbon (to tie up all the activities)


1. Wash the jar so any dust, oils or other residues are removed. Let dry completely.

2. NOTE: You will need to alter this step to fit your particular jar. Apply Stickles Glitter Glue to one or more areas of the jar. The jar I was using had flat circular sides but if you're working with a round jar, maybe a circle or oval on the front would work. If you're using a jelly jar, sometimes they have a nice flat spot where the label was adhered which would work nicely.

Winter Activity Jar006

3. Sprinkle glitter (I used glass glitter) over the Stickles while it is still wet. Shake off the excess and let it dry completely.

4. (Optional) If you would like to decorate the lid, snip off the back hinge of a winter themed pendent and adhere it to the lid using your favorite STRONG adhesive. You don't want it falling off when the kids handle the jar. I like E6000 for this type of job but there are other good adhesives out there.

Winter Activity Jar005

5. Print out the activity pages (below).

6. Cut the activities apart. Roll each activity around a pencil and tie it using a fun "wintry" ribbon or fiber.

7. (Optional) Once the sides of the jar are dry, add additional embellishments if desired. (I used Jolee's Snowflakes)

8. Fill the jar with the rolled up activity ideas and you're all set!

Now whenever the kids say I'm bored!; I don't have anything to do!!; or whatever those little angels might come up with you can whip out the jar and let them choose a fun activity to fill their time!

Winter Activity Jar007

Winter Activity Jar004

Snow Day Activity List:

A fun list of activities for you and your children to use on cold blustery winter days. Chase away boredom with these fun and easy activities!!
(Can someone tell me how to turn a document into a PDF format?)

Make a snow man out of cotton balls and paper plates. Add bits of felt or fabric for his hat and scarf.

Draw a picture or write a letter and send it to someone you love.

Plan a theme day by choosing a foreign country – learn a few words in this countries language; make an easy food dish and create decorations centered on this foreign land.

Mix equal parts cinnamon and applesauce to make sweet smelling ornaments. Roll the dough out, cut with cookie cutters and let air dry.

Have a mini art lesson by mixing up custom colors of frosting. Use the frosting to decorate store bought or home made sugar cookies.

Make photo puppets from duplicate pictures or cut images from a magazine. Paste, tape or staple these images to Popsicle sticks and create your own little puppet show.

Make up your very own card game. Write down the rules and teach one or more friends how to play.

Create a blizzard inside the house. Cut and fold several different sized pieces of paper. Cut away bits and pieces to make your own snow storm of paper snowflakes. Hang them around your room using fishing wire, string, ribbon or fibers.

Use a photo from a magazine and make a puzzle picture. Cut a pretty picture from a magazine, glue it to a piece of cardboard and cut it into a variety of shapes. After you have enjoyed your puzzle, mail it or trade it with a friend.

Go camping! Make a tent using a large blanket and a couple of chairs. Take along snacks, comfy pillows, a good book and your flashlight. Enjoy the afternoon in the comfort of your cozy hide-a-way.

Plan and have a picnic. Fill a basket or box with snacks or your lunch; gather up a blanket, paper plates and juice. Bring along some plastic or paper ants to complete your picnic lunch!

Make your own story book. Draw or cut pictures from a magazine or the newspaper and make up a story around these pictures. Bind the pages together using staples, ribbon or other string you have on hand.

Have a scavenger hunt! Have someone write down 5 items around the house and see if you can find where they are located. If there is more than one person to play, make up a list and trade among all of the players. See who can find all of the items on someone else’s list first.

Make a bubble storm! Fill the sink with 2-3” of water and pour in ½ cup dish soap. Create a mound of bubbles using a whisk, straw or other utensil. After you have a sink full, see what shapes you can make – a castle, animals, flowers, etc.

Have a private eye day! Have an adult hide clues around various areas of the house. Now, start at the first clue then try to figure out where the next clue is hidden. Continue until all of the clues have been found and solved!

Write a play! It could be about anything…let your imagination run wild. After the play has been written, gather costumes and make props from paper or cardboard. Rehearse and act out the play for your whole family.

Spread a blanket on the floor and pretend you’re adrift in the ocean on a raft. Pack a survival kit consisting of snack foods, games, toys and see how long you can “survive” on your raft. Imagine what perils you would encounter.

Create your own zoo! Gather stuffed animals or draw animals on paper. Place the animals around your room in “cages”. Invite people to your zoo and tell them a story about each animal.

Make your own fishing game. Draw fish on paper and cut them out. Tape a penny or paper clip to the mouth of each fish. Tie a magnet onto a piece of string then tie the string to a pole, stick or long handle. Place the fish on the floor and see who catches the most fish.

Create your own flying circus! Fold paper into a variety of paper airplanes. Color and decorate each plane differently. Hold a contest by seeing which plane flies fastest, farthest, if a plane can do tricks.

Make a garden of tissue paper flowers. Gather up used pieces of tissue paper and cut out circles, squares or other shapes. Layer the flower shapes and tape them to a pencil, pipe cleaner or straw. Give them as gifts or make a bouquet for the table.

Make your own finger paint! Mix 2 cups of white flour, 2 cups of water and food coloring. Slowly add the flour to the water and mix. Separate into smaller bowls and add food coloring.

Who Am I game – cut photos of animals from magazines and pin one to the back of each player. Each person tries to guess which animal they are by asking other people questions. Ex. – Do I swim in the Ocean? Do I have a long neck? Etc.

King or Queen for the Day – decorate your own crown using markers, sequins, crayons, etc.

Have a pudding party! Mix up several different types of pudding, gather a variety of sprinkles or other items such as raisins, granola, cereals, etc. Let each child assemble his or her own creation!

Have a karaoke contest. Each person chooses one or more songs to sing in front of parents, friends, neighbors or each other. (print the lyrics off the internet) Let the “audience” choose the winner.

Make a Personal Pizza – Roll out pre-made biscuits into small pizza shapes. Allow each child to add his or her own toppings. Make sure you label each pizza so you know each pizza belongs to. Have an adult cook the pizza.

Make a Pet Rock! Allow each child to choose a small to medium sized rock. Paint the body color on the rock first. After this coat has dried, paint eyes, nose, mouth, etc. Add felt ears and tail if desired.

Create your own Marshmallow snowflake! Connect large or small marshmallows together using toothpicks. Make snowflakes or other designs. After you’re finished having fun making up different snowflakes, eat your creations.

Now that's a fun idea isn't it?

Remember if you post a comment on this thread you'll be entered to win a fun Christmas prize! I'll pull another name when I post the winner tomorrow!

Good Luck


Try to stay cool!!


  1. Love what you've made. My daughters break up for the summer holidays in a couple of will try out some of your ideas. Thanks. x

  2. your work is awesome.

    you need adobe PDF maker to make PDF's - I have it if you want to email me the document and i can make it and email it back to you.

  3. Love your jar, it's beautiful.
    Here's a link for creating pdf files

    Good luck. :o)

  4. There are a lot of fun "any-old-day" ideas to do with kids on the scrolls that are in that cute jar!

  5. What a cute idea...and a great decorative goodie to put out at Christmas!
    I'm with on the hot weather, a little bit goes a loooooong way!

  6. My son downloaded a program called "Cute PDF" that has a PDF writer. Works great--you might do a google searach for it. It was free, I believe.

  7. this is so totally cute, I am making it tomorrow with my daughter! thanks for all your time and effort!!!!!

  8. What great ideas! I have one of these jars from Ikea too. I can't wait to make one. Thanks for the tutorial and the chance to win. I love Christmas in July.

  9. this is so fun and cool! love the effect of the glass glitter!

  10. Love your ideas! Now I need to get out of my seat and get creating!

  11. Love your ideas! Now I need to get out of my seat and get creating!

  12. what a great idea! It is so pretty


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