Monday, July 27, 2009

New Studio!!!



I am finally in ~ I have almost everything sorted and in it's new home. I have a box full of misc. unmounted stamps I have to find a home for (ran out of binders and pages), need to find a container for my postcard collection so I can sort what I've posted, etc. and finally I need to finish sorting the project photo boxes from the book. Most of that stuff is partially finished items from the step by step photos that I'll need to either finish off or tear apart and use for other projects.

So, here are the pics....

Painting the floor....

New Studio 001

Finished floor ~ love the color!!!!

New Studio 002

This is the wall immediately to your left when you enter the room. We picked up smaller of the two vintage cabinets at an auction last year for $5.00. The larger vintage cabinet is just like one my grandma used to have at her old house. It's got a set of glass doors for the top 2 shelves but I didn't have them in for this photo. We picked it up from an old gentlemen again for $5.00 early this year. The closet holds all sorts of ephemera ~ paper, game pieces, found objects, and excess materials from the book. The two boxes sitting on the floor are the stamps and book stuff I have to sort through.

New Studio 003

This is the top shelf and top of the cabinet...I am using mason jars to hold various goodies :)

New Studio 010

Here is the next wall which is directly behind my desk.

New Studio 004

Next wall ~ my desk, book case, and storage behind my desk.

New Studio 005

Shot of my desk from behind....

New Studio 008

Close up of my desk top storage....the vintage wood shelf is actually an old post office shelf I got at a garage sale last year for 10.00. Each slot holds an ink pad.

New Studio 009

Here is the last ~ above is the set of cabinets, the book case and wire racks.

New Studio 007

And of course a bit of artwork....

New Studio 011

New Studio 012

New Studio 013

I love every one's ideas for storing stamps. Right now I have the wood mounted in boxes sorted by company stored in the wire racks. All of my UM stamps are in the binders that are currently in the white cabinet and on the shelf with my cardstock. I left my alpha stamps on their sheets in the original packages...I thought they would be easier to use that way than to try to store them in binders ~ all those little parts and all.

Eventually I'd like to UM most of my wood stamps except my TH and other "favorites".

Later on I'm going to have shelves put up above the windows...I will hold art work and other "goodies" up there.

So what do you think?

I'm really tickled with it and can't wait to start playing :) I'm hoping to start on a new technique tonite. Tomorrow my niece and her grandma are coming over to work on a fun altered plate project so I may share that as well!!


  1. Trine from NorwayJuly 27, 2009 at 5:59 PM


    Great studio.
    I want a room like that too......

  2. Hi Roni, WOW!! that must of taken some sorting, I really hope you enjoy your new space, it is lovely, and nice and light too. If you are anything like me, everything has a home... but ...almost never seems to be in it's proper place, 30 seconds after I get into my studio it looks like a tornado has blown through it.

    Bee xx

  3. Lovely...what a haven! Congratulations, Roni! Great incentive for those like me who live in a shoebox condo unit to start saving so we can afford a larger place where we can have our own, separate studio room! (But darn it, I keep spending all my money on crafting supplies! ;b )

  4. it looks fantastic! You are still the organization queen! I learned everything I know about sorting and organizing from you!

  5. Looks like the room of a famous author!! Looks great!

  6. well..I think you been a bizzy girl! lol...looks so organized...which is what ya need when you have that much stuff! Its a very brite room ...luv that! You did a great job! ty for sharing...cher

  7. LOVE it. And I am so impressed with how organized you are!

  8. What a beautiful place to create!!! I'm really happy for you, you deserve this wonderful space... enjoy & play...

  9. You know I'll take the extra stamps....MOM

  10. Hi,
    Love it! The blue floor is beautiful. Enjoy, Enjoy Enjoy!!

  11. What a beautiful, bright, inspiring Studio you have created for yourself! When can I come and play in there with you? Congratulations!

  12. The studio looks fantastic. And so well organized. You seem to have knack for finding some incredible storage pieces for next to nothing!!

  13. OMG, look at your stash!!! I love how the way you organised the stuff, neat & tidy!

  14. Your studio looks great! So nice and clean and orderly. If you're like me it won't stay that way for long, but who cares? I'm still working on mine... A thought - you might want to cover your paper in front of the window with fabric or something because the sun will fade it.:( I love your book. I finally finished reading it all. Now I want to try it all! Kristy

  15. Your studio is beautiful! Its so nice to have a pleasant place to create in! Great job!
    Pattyjo :+)

  16. Oh Roni, how nice for you to have your studio set up! I've been wanting to set up a larger studio for awhile but have had the time it takes to do the renovations. It must be very exciting to be done (or almost done) and get to start using it!

  17. I just went through the same process, purging, cleaning, and when it was finished a huge sigh of relief..hahaha You did a wonderful job Roni, and you'll be looking for things that you thought were here, but are over there Enjoy your wonderful, organized space.


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