Monday, June 8, 2009

Phinny's Card Sketch Card!

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share a card Phinny made from the Ink Stained Card Sketch from 5-29.

I think she did a lovely job don't you? It all looks great together from the flowers to the lace and the darling little bird!

phinny card

Great Job Phinny ~ thanks for sharing!!

Remember if you make a card, atc, or anything at all using any of the Ink Stained Card Sketches be sure and post a link or send me the card and I'll be sure to post it here to share with everyone!!


  1. So sweet!! I didn't realize you had posted a sketch...need to go take a clook!
    Phinny always does such awesome cards!

  2. Hmmm, I see a typo in my last post but I can't edit it! I meant, "take a look" of course!

  3. Thanks, Karen!

    (((( hugs ))))


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