Friday, May 29, 2009

Ink Stained Card Sketch

Happy Friday!!

Woo Hoo...the weekend is here ... well, almost ;) LOL!!!

I want to get back into the swing of a few things...Ink Stained Card Sketches, 4 for 1 (for variations of using one stamped image), Rubber Stamp & Supply Features as well as add a couple more ~ Postcard Images (I have a huge collection) & a feature sharing different ways to use up old supplies (one of the most common questions I get!).

I haven't quite figured out a schedule for them all but I do know Fridays are going to be Ink Stained Card Sketch days. Since today is Friday I have the first one ready to share with you....

Ink Stained Card Sketch


(yes, it's today's date but I couldn't figure out a better way to number them)

ink stained card sketch 052909

A bit about the card...

*I think this sketch could easily be transformed into a card, atc or even a scrapbook lay-out with a few size modifications.

*The circle represents the main stamped (or photo) image.

*The strips could be ribbon, pattern paper, cardstock or any combination of them.

*The 2 groups of dots could be brads, mini stamped images, flowers, etc.

Really any small embellishment that will compliment your theme.

*Sentiment could be a one word sentiment, quote (you know how much I love quotes!), or if you were working on a scrapbook it could be a bit of info you want to include on the layout ~ names, dates, place, etc.

I had planned on having a few cards made up using this sketch but last night we discovered that our fridge had kicked off sometime earlier this week. It's so quite when it runs we never even noticed. Well, now that's not true...we knew things weren't as cool as they had been but we assumed that it was because the temps were warmer ~ so of course I turned up the coldness... Obviously it didn't work since it was off!!

Anyway, instead of crafting I spend my time cleaning out the fridge :S It hasn't been this empty since the day it was delivered!!

I'm hoping that I get some time this weekend to make a few examples and post them.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. The fridge is more important??? Don't you have two boys who clear it out on you every five seconds? :-)

  2. true! What a mess usually..hope it can be repaired...cuz u might need a mortgage for a new one! your plan...can't wait! Cher

  3. Just a thought about numbering - if you use the European date format, ie 29.05.2009 and reverse it, ie 20090529, you'll still know the date you did it plus they'll appear in the list of files on your pc in reverse date order (the newest one at the top. If you do more than one on any day, just add an A, B, C etc at the end of the reversed date. And yes, all my friends think I'm a bit anal too!

  4. Yay - card sketches are back. Whoot! I didn't even realize that I missed them until you started again. I'm definitely in. Now do you want us to post our cards here in the comments section or send them to you or what?

    And I agree with Amanda re: using the year first for files. That's what I do on my computer and it works great! (Anal? Oh amanda... you and me both. I am the QUEEN of anal! LOL)

    Have a good weekend, all!

  5. To clarify the above (and speaking of anal... *wink*), what I meant by posting our cards here is via a blog or a pic sharing app like Flicker or even using the Mr. Linky feature, which I think you'd have to set up first.


  6. Good luck on getting your refrigerator back in operating order, and I hope you don't have to buy a new one!
    Nice sketch, and your numbering worked for me, but I'm not good at computer stuff... what do I know?
    From what Phinny commented, this used to be a "challenge"...I wasn't around when you first started this cool blog!
    Have a great weekend : ) ~Erin Glee


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