Monday, May 25, 2009

Shrink Film Scrap Earrings...

Hey everyone!

Well we made it through the garage sale!! It was sooooooo hot both days but no rain so we were lucky. I think we did pretty SIL had a garage sale this weekend too (she lives the next town over which is about 3x the size of our town). The place they live had an addition garage sale ~ their house is right at the entrance so they get all the traffic. She told mom that we did better than they did so I'm tickled since we live about 4 blocks off the main street ~ our house borders "the country". Tomorrow I'm calling the guy who runs a second hand shop ~ he buys garage sale leftovers and I have a couple things to post on e-bay (G-bay Packers Jackets) to hopefully add to the kitty.

The great thing is how much room we have both in the house and in our shed...this was the first step towards changing rooms between my oldest sons room and my scraproom!! I am so excited ~ I can hardly wait :) I'm going to have to box up my craft stuff for a bit so I'm not so sure about that part but then we'll box up my sons room, move him out here ~ then paint my new room, lay some tile (it's carpet now) then I can move in... I'll be almost tripling my space!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO talk about awesome!!

Anyway, I was going to post Sat or Sun but my computer has been over heating ~ so I've not been on at all hoping the cooler weather and giving it a break will help it over it's illness whatever it may be.

I'm here now and have another project to share using more scraps from the shrink plastic! I wanted to let you know if you made the shrink plastic rings from scraps that I shared last week no worries...these charms use the odd shaped scraps that weren't used!!

Shrink Film Scrap Charms

(used on Earrings today)

Now I know it says earrings but you can use these on anything ~ as a dangle on a scrapbook page or card, bracelets, necklace, altered art, etc. They are very easy to make since you use the shape that's already in your scrap pile.


Grafix Shrink Film - Scraps

Archival Ink

Rubber Stamp

Heat Gun

Alcohol Inks



1. Gather your shrink film scraps and cut off any interesting shapes that might be left. I like to use pieces that are at least 1" or larger. Anything smaller won't work very well once it's got a hole and shrunk down ~ especially if you want to use it on earrings.

Shrinky Dink charms & rings017

2. Round any sharp corners ~ they are still sharp after they shrink if you don't.

scrap earrings010

3. After you have several pieces you need to punch the desired number of holes in each piece. I made some with a single hole and a few with two holes so I could use them to dangle smaller charms.

scrap earrings011

4. Stamp each piece using the archival ink...I stamped them all with the same stamp but you can vary the designs if you'd like...

scrap earrings012

Here is one before shrinking...

scrap earrings013

5. Heat as usual with a heat gun and just like we did with the leaves, twist, bend and shape each piece while it is still warm. I don't shape them all the same ~ I like to mix it up and make each one different...

scrap earrings014

6. Apply alcohol inks ~ I always add them afterwards ~ if you add them before the colors become so concentrated most colors look black when they are done.

scrap earrings001

scrap earrings002

7. The mini charms are ready to be turned into earrings or used on whatever project you have in mind! Here is what I did with mine.....

scrap earrings003

scrap earrings004


yes, it's the illusive Roni ~ usually found behind the camera coming out for a rare appearance ;) LOL!!!

scrap earrings009

Told you it was easy AND it uses scraps!!  Doesn't get much better than that ;)  I know I missed the drawing yesterday...I'll be pulling the names of the winners tomorrow so if you haven't added your comment, you still have a bit of time left to enter!!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, enjoyed friends and family and given thanks for all the men and women who have made it possible to do so!!

Take care and catch ya later gater :)


  1. I love them I can't throw anything away so I just have to locate some scraps. I had a good holiday. DD and her family came out. We had hot dogs, hamburgers and home made ice cream brownie sundaes. They just left (8:00 here)I hope your holiday was good.

  2. how cute! ty for another idea..u are just full of em! I was away the last several days in Canada with no puter...that was awful! but I am back and playing catch up with my 400 emails waiting on me and of course, your glorious blog! I LOVE IT! ty ty ty ...and as my son is a USAFA Cadet...I echo your sentiments exactly about this *holiday*...we owe them a lot! xo cher

  3. Oh my gosh, great idea and you really made these shine! NICE!

  4. This is so cool and beautiful!!!

  5. OMG - those are amazing. Seriously, I never would have thought to do that! And I love, love, LOVE the alcohol ink as the last step. You've got another winner here, Roni. Thanks!

  6. Brilliant idea! I can't believe you got such clear pictures hand holding the camera...that never works for me.

  7. Thanks for modeling your BEAUTIFUL earrings!
    Congrats on a successful Sale : )

  8. LOVE this project! Scraps rule!!! LOL! Your tip to use the alcohol ink AFTER shrinking is excellent! So glad you do all the experimenting so we just benefit.
    Hee hee...also thrilled at our rare sighting of an elusive Roni-bird! You look maaahvalous dahling..!

  9. Fantastic idea Roni! I can never bear to throw out the scraps from any projects. What a great use for them!

  10. Absolutely GORGEOUS! You take scraps and make them treasures!! And I gotta see my Roni...that makes me sooo happy! The room sounds so exciting and well deserved! I can't wait to watch that progress too! (((HUGS)))


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