Friday, May 1, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers!!

Happy May Day Everyone!!!

I hope you all had a super May 1st :)

I did...this a.m. I hit our town wide garage sale then went with dh to a tractor part swap meet. Found some cool goodies at both places for way cheap! Can't pass up a bargain!!

Several people e-mailed or posted about having images wrinkle up when they were trying the Acrylic Image Transfer Technique.... The image buckled after applying it to the acrylic/glass piece. If this happens there was too much Glossy Accents involved. You need to use a small amount and squish any excess out when you press on the image. I'm going to try to make a video tomorrow of the whole process...sometimes it's easier to show you than it is to explain it but when I apply GA, I squirt it on the acrylic then swipe my finger across the piece to make a nice even layer ~ this ensures even coverage and it takes up the excess GA. You can then use what's on your finger to coat one or two more pieces (depending on how much you squirted out and how large your acrylic pieces are. HTH!!

Now, I've had many people ask for some more vintage images and more quotes. The vintage images are easier than the quotes so that's what I'll start off with. To stick in line with the day and the little saying in the title I thought I'd share some vintage flower images today!!

Some of these are just vintage flowers, others are vintage Birthday Greetings with flowers and more!

Hope you enjoy!!

Vintage Flower Images
(Note: some of these images are better than others. I have rec'd some from friends that were not as large as some of the other images...they still work pretty good for smaller crafts.)

Vintage spring flower basket


flower 2

cabbage rose



flower - sweet pea flower seeds

flowers - lily of the valley

flowers blue b-day

flowers n children

flower card

flower basket

Angel w flowers



birthday greetings pansies

birthday flowers 1

purple aster b-day greeting

I will try to get some quotes around soon...they take quite a bit longer because I have quotes written, typed, saved on my computer, etc. I have to gather them all up in one place, type them up and sort them out when I post so it's something I like to do in my spare time. I know I haven't posted any in a while but I'll try to get some up soon :)

I didn't realize so many people liked the vintage images but I will post more of those every so often as well. Do you think you'd like vintage post card images too? I've got a nice collection of those but wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in them. If you are I can scan and post those too!

Also if you didn't realize it tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day :)

I'm sure you've all got places to be and people to see but hopefully you'll get a chance to play a bit with some paper, inks and photos if that's your thing...if not, at least take a bit of time and get your fingers inky if only for a few minutes!!

I'll be sharing some of my favorite sb lo's tomorrow so be sure to stop in if you have a few free minutes!

TTFN Friends!!!


  1. Love all the flower images~ I need to learn how to use my computer better!
    We are having a big rain-storm here... so do May showers bring June Brides?
    We have an old home movie of my husband on May Day at school~ DANCING around the May Pole with his classmates... weaving the ribbons around the pole as the boys went in the opposite direction as the girls. The image in my head makes me smile!

  2. Great images! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi roni! luv the images...and yes please post em...never enuf! you are so busy I wonder how u find time to do stuff! ty for gone way alot this weekend..ttul Cher

  4. Yes - love the vintage images and would love to see the postcards, too. No hurry though - for those or the quotes.

    I found a great site for free vintage images and posted about it on my blog. It's in German so probably not well known here where many of us are from the US. I'll share the link here, too, and Roni - you can remove it if it's no ok, k? No worries. Just trying to be helpful. (You know me, love my links and info! *grin*)

  5. Roni, love the flower images, is it okay to use a couple of them.

  6. This are great floral images Roni -- just wish I had a colour printer now. Oh well, will just add this post to my growing list of links. Thanks.

  7. Wow, Roni, thanks a lot for sharing these vintage images. Would be happy if you can share those vintage images u used in your acrylic charm or they are bought, where you got them from. Thanks a million.

    BTW, Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

  8. These are gorgeous Roni! They will be perfect for image transfers to polymer clay!

  9. Your Blog is really interesting. I just love all the images of Vintage Flower Images. I save all my flowers. They are just as beautiful as fresh cut ones.


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