Monday, May 18, 2009

Shrink Plastic, Acrylic Dabbers & Masks

Well back with another fun project ~ we're going to be combining shrink plastic, Ranger's acrylic dabbers and masks (or diecuts). For my examples I made bracelets but depending on the size they can be turned into charms, earrings, necklaces, etc.


Grafix Shrink Film - Black & Clear

Ranger Acrylic Dabber

Mask or Die-Cuts

Acrylic Sealer (Krylon Crystal Clear, Patricia Nimocks's Spray Sealer, etc.)

Heat Source (oven or heat gun)

Jewelry Findings (if you're making the bracelets or other jewelry)

shrink bracelets001


1. Determine how large you want your finished charm/bracelet to be. I figured I wanted something between 2 1/2 - 3 1/2" so I needed to start off with a piece of shrink film approx. 5-7". Once you have determined how large your finished project will be you can cut your die-cut to size or find a mask that suits your needs.

2. Affix the mask or die-cut to the shrink film using a reposition able adhesive. Punch holes where needed. I used 1/2" hole punch for a couple of the charms since I knew I'd need larger holes for my choice of findings otherwise a regular hole punch will do.

shrink bracelets002

3. Apply the paint to the entire piece ~ make sure you hit the edges of the die-cut/mask good so you have a nice defined line once it's shrunk.

shrink bracelets003

here is what it should look like once you're finished painting....

shrink bracelets004

4. You may let the paint dry completely or continue immediately. Remove the mask from the shrink film.

5. Heat the shrink plastic with a heat gun or shrink it in the oven.

shrink bracelets005

6. (optional for bracelet) Immediately after the shrink film is done doing it's thing, place the hot charm over a spray can (the sealer can works fine) and let it cool. You're going for a nice gentle bend here to form around your wrist.

(sorry ~ no pic ~ couldn't bend and photograph at the same time - lol!)

7. After it has cooled, spray with a coat or two of the spray sealer. This just helps protect the paint from dents, dings and scratches from normal use.

And here you go.....

(sorry for the light glare)

shrink bracelets006

Now that you've got the base made you can add a variety of findings to turn it into a bracelet....

shrink bracelet001

shrink bracelet003

shrink bracelet004

Of course if you don't want a bracelet you don't have to bend can use it flat for a charm. 

Now, if you like these bracelets ~ let me know and you might be the new owner of one of these little devils!! All you have to do is post and you'll be entered to win.

You have until 5-24 to post at which time I'll draw 3 winners using!
Good Luck and remember ~you can't win if you don't post!!


  1. Wow, these are stunning. You are always full of innovative ideas!

  2. I am so posting these are great Roni! I was cruising Etsy the other day and some bracelets like this and did they bend it??!!! You answered that for me! You rock Roni!

  3. Trine from NorwayMay 18, 2009 at 7:39 PM

    WOOOOOWWWWW!!!! What a AMAZING work!
    ....and what a GREAT idea!
    I have to try this a.s.a.p.
    Thanks for sharing this work and idea with us and thanks a lot for one of the best blog at web.

  4. How do you come up with all these creative ideas? I never would have thought of it. The bracelets are great!

  5. again...something I would never think to do! so clever..and the bending tip simple yet I would have racked my pea brain trying to figure it out! ty again Roni...Cher

  6. i have not played with shrink plastics yet.
    Now i'm itching to get my hands on them and try a few things out.

    thanks Roni! these are beautiful.

  7. What fabulous bracelets! Time to pull out my shrink plastic and play. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. As usual a great tutorial and a cool idea.:o) Juliet

  9. All these braclet are so beautiful in each way. Love the design of the heart, the skeleton is so cool while the butterfly braclet is so sweet & cheerful.

  10. Brilliant! I love this idea. Too often we get stuck in a stereotype for a product...thanks for think outside the box...can...package.

  11. Such stunning bracelets, Roni. Love them!! Another great 'make' from yourself. x

  12. These are so cool! Love the Heart and the skull- great idea as always!

  13. Those are really awesome. You are very cretive. I haven't used shrink plastic (shrinky dinks) since I was a young girl. I remember when they first came out (boy did I just age myself!), I shrinky dinked myself to death. Loved those things. I might just have to start using them again!

  14. What a cool idea! I especially like the gold on black--very striking! I always thought that heat was bad for acrylic paint--that it would bubble if heated. Are the Ranger dabbers formulated to take heat?

  15. Hum... It could make a great thing to hold hair with a stick going thru it... Thanks for sharing :)

  16. Very very cool!!! Ditto on comments re: great tutorial! Great pictures! Love it :D

  17. How awesome! I love playing with Shrink & Tim's masks .. the bracelets are a great combo!

  18. these are super - want to do some stuff with the local kids in the summer - those long rainy Irish hols and this would be fab.
    Everyone loves shrink plastic but I'm always stuck on how to make it "grown up"! Not any more - thanks...again


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