Sunday, February 24, 2019

Make a Peacock Mardi Gras Mask with Rinea Foiled Papers!!

Hello Friends!  

Mardi Gras is drawing near and I wanted to share this fun peacock mask I made with Rinea Foiled Papers....

Fun huh?
And it's so easy to make and personalize.

Step 1 - Make a foiled paper sandwich of foiled paper, cardstock, foiled paper. This will help add some stability to the finished mask so it will hold it's shape.

Step 2 - Cut mask in desired shape. I made a "swish" up at the top to be stylish (from behind) and to support the peacock feathers.  

Step 3 - Apply Tear It! Tape around the edges.

Step 4 - Remove the tape piece by piece and press on the sequin trim.

all the way around the mask and eye holes.

WOW, look at that shine!

Step 5 - Make peacock "eyes".  I cut the blue eye by die-cutting a heart from Sapphire Starstruck Foiled Paper and trimmed off the bottom point.  Next I cut a circle from Jade/Jade Starstruck; ovals from Marigold and Voilet and Emerald Starstruck foiled papers.  

Step 6 - Add shredded foiled papers to the back of the eye for fringe.
Trim the fringe to the desired shape.

Step 7 - Mount the peacock feathers to the mask. Add any additional embellishments - in this case I added a flower gemstone and  curled Violet and Gold Starstruck foiled paper strips.  

Step 8 - Mount a dowel rod behind the curled papers. 

Dazzling peacock feathers and curls....


Rinea - Peacock Variety Pack (Sapphire, Violet, Emerald)
Various shredded bits of foiled papers

Imagine - Tear It! Tape
On Point Glue

Other - Sequin Trim, Cardstock, Flower Gemstone


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!