Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pocket Letter Page Swap - Sign Up Here!

Hello friends - if you recall last fall I asked about interest in a Pocket Letter swap and there seemed to be enough interest to proceed.  Now that the holidays are over it's time to give it a go!

Pocket Letter Page Swap
Sign Ups - 1-12 through 1-22
Ship Date 2-5-16

(YES, this swap is open to international friends!)

First question some people might have - what is a pocket letter?  Think of Pocket Letters as a set of ATC's with a few extra goodies thrown in.  Basically you take a 9 hole Baseball Card page; make an ATC for each space (more on this later) and tuck in little surprises behind each card...and don't forget the letter part!

Each pocket can hold a card with the same general theme yet each with a different design.

You could design a single page that you then cut into 9 sections, one for each pocket.

You could choose different designs for each card.

Or it could focus on a single color scheme.

Whatever you choose your pocket letter should be filled with art from your heart! 

Remember the back is just as important as the front of your Pocket Letter.  You should add a letter in one of the pockets, telling the recipient a bit about yourself, maybe about where you live, work, your art, etc.  The remaining 8 pockets can be filled with anything you can fit inside...it could be stickers, die-cuts, sticky back gems, buttons, eyelets, vintage ephemera, washi tape, glitter tape, fibers, ribbon, charms, pins, brads, twine, felt pieces, gemstones, etc.  Virtually anything you can think of.  You can also add little treats too - tea, cocoa, sweets, mints, etc. 


  • You can sign up here for one or two spots - Sign ups run from today through 1-22.
  • Once sign ups are closed I will send you a name and address of the person you will be sending your Pocket Letter to. 
  • Make a pocket letter and fill it with goodness (you can start on this right now if you like).
  • You should mail your Pocket Letter to the recipient no later than February 5th, of course you can send it earlier if you would like.  Once your pocket letter has been mailed, send me an e-mail with the confirmation number so I can keep track of everyone's progress and to make sure nobody is forgotten.
  • Stalk the mailman for happy mail!


Please post an e-mail addy when you sign up so I can send you an e-mail to obtain the necessary info. for the swap.

1. Roni
2. Dixie - Sent
3. Heidi - Sent
4. Karen
5. Marie (mea5798)
6. Theresa P. - Sent
7. Theresa P. - Sent
8. Lynn
9. Ike - Sent
10. Jeannie - Sent
11. Dash Cam - Sent
12. Dianne R.
13. Jerri
14. Jerri
15. Jamie M.
16. Terry D.
17. Donna N - Sent
18. Kris P
19. Loretta M
20. Katherine M
21. Elizabeth M
22. Diana - Sent
23. Debi
24. Deb G. - Sent
25. Ina
26. Nikki - Sent
27. Silvia
28. Silvia
29. Denise A.


  1. Ill join in. Is there a theme
    You have my email.
    Thanks Roni

  2. Oh, man, this sounds fun. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but I'm in! (You have my contact info)

  3. i would love to participate! i am a member of Club Scrap (card kit)..i just can't figure out how to add my name to the list you started Roni..marie

  4. Put me in for two. theresa.petermann@gmail.com thanks as always for sharing.

  5. I would love to send a pocket letter to someone.

  6. Ooooh - I would love a go at this please - put me down for 1
    IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxx


  7. I'd like to join in for 1 swap please!

  8. Count me in too Roni. I would like two spots please.


  9. Please put me down for one. Thanks! tmoeckly@sbtc.net

  10. Hi Roni! I would like to do this swap too! d dot nuce at comcast dot net

  11. So happy you're hosting the pocket letter page swap! Please sign me and my girls up: Loretta Messinger, Katherine Messinger and Elizabeth Messinger. Email is loretta.messinger@att.net. Thank you, Roni!

  12. Yes, I want a space. Sign me up.What fun.

  13. hi roni thank you so much for adding me to the list ,,here is my email info: mea57_98@yahoo.com

    can't wait! ,marie

  14. can't wait - so exciting to be doing my first pocket letter AND a Roni swap :) <3

  15. Please can I sign up for this swap - never done a Pocket letter swap before :) Deb Gregory eps@chariot.net.au

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  17. I would like to sign up for one. I love to make pocket letters!

  18. Hi I'd love to join in
    it will be my 1st swap too :)
    hugs Nikki in Canada

  19. I'd love to sign up for 2 spots please.


  20. Yes,Well as You can see I found the post of how to's and details.Please add Me.I've been a follower for a long time and enjoy reading Your blog. knuckled54@yahoo.com Thank You Denise

  21. I don't see my name or comment here? Now I'm wondering if I didn't hit publish Yesterday?


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