Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Lacey Organizers

It seems like the first of the year everyone starts thinking about getting organized and this year is no different.  I've seen so many different organizational tips and projects on Facebook and Pinterest lately but you know one thing most of them have in common?  They are functional but lack in the interest department...yes, I know the industrial look is in but hey, come doesn't have to be boring.

Well, I have taken one of those industrial organizational projects and kicked it up a notch with the help of IMAGINE Craft's Creative Medium.  Check it out....

Fun huh?  I took some old lace I had in my stash to take this mason jar storage idea to a whole new level.  For a complete step by step guide along with supply list check out this link - DIY Lace Mason Jar Storage

Here's another photo of the jars (so you can see the lace pattern better).  It's amazing how much detail the Creative Medium picks up from the lace.  Of course you could use stencils, other fabrics, mesh, etc. for the design you'd like to transfer to your jars but the process will be the same.

So, who says organization has to be boring?

Do you have organizational projects going on right now?

I have some ribbon/fiber/lace that I need to organize but alas it's going to be a huge undertaking that will have to wait a bit.  Too many projects and soooo not enough time.

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