Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Club Scrap Card Sketch - Jan '16

This month's card sketch over on the Club Scrap forum is so much fun...I think I may be making more than just this one.  It lends it's self to using up smaller pieces of paper you might have in your stash.  

This month's kit is Celebrate (more on that later) and that's what I used to make this card...  There is a lovely white cardstock that has an embedded design in the paper (no idea how they do that) that has a grey text printed on it which is what I used for the top portion of the card. 

I used another paper in the kit - the BEAUTIFUL glitter paper for the bottom of the card.  OH MY!  I do love my glitter so this is perfect in my book!!  I am seeing an extra order of glitter paper in my near future.  

 I stamped one of the cool circle mandalas and colored it in with some fun pens I found at Office Depot - Foray StyleMark.   I added a grey gemstone in the center.

Here is the sketch....

I hope you'll give it a shot!

I can't wait to share more of this month's kit with you in the coming days.  This is Club Scrap's 200th kit which is why "Celebrate" is so fitting!  It is filled with beautiful colors, patterns and amazing stamps.  This one is a real keeper!

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  1. Love that silver paper! Great colored stamping. I was wondering how you got all those colors in there.


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