Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Part I

Hey there everyone!  Only a few days left until Christmas!!  Are you ready?  I am - I think?!?!  But you know there are always last minute gifts that pop up here and there.  Luckily that is what the Club Scrap Design Team Challenge is all about this month - Last Minute Gift Ideas.

Here are a few to get you started....

I saw this one on Pinterest a couple months ago and knew I wanted to make a few for my kids.  Since it's just Eric and I at home now I have decided to forgo making Christmas cookies anymore - at least until we have some grandchildren.  We don't eat many cookies ourselves (and end up throwing most of them out) and the kids get sent home with a bag/box of cookies every place they visit - ya know you can only eat so many.  So I've decided to give them "holiday dough" instead!

I left it pretty simple since these are quick last minute gift ideas. All of the papers, stamps and fibers are from the Homemade Holiday kit.   To make the topper I folded a piece of 8.5 x 5.5" maroon cardstock in half; adhered a piece of the "recipe" pattern paper on top.  I mounted my printed poem (below) onto a piece of dark blue cardstock and adhered that to the topper.  I then stamped 3 cookie cutter images, trimmed and added them to the topper as well.  I rolled up the $'s; placed them in a bag and affixed the topper with double stick tape!  I added a spritz of Shimmer Mist just for that extra bit of sparkle.

Easy peasy - rolling and adding the little bows to the money will take you longer than anything else. If you're really sort on time you could just turn the topper into a card and insert the $'s into it.

I have changed the wording on the little poem.  It originally was about gingerbread men which I've never made...unless you count the pre-made rolls of gingerbread (Thank you Pillsbury Man!).  

My little poem goes as follows:

Holiday Dough

Christmas Cookies covered in icing.
Are oh so good and extremely enticing.
I set out to make a dozen or two
but ran out of time - oh what to do?

Instead of the cookies tied up with a bow
I whipped up a batch of your own Holiday Dough.

Now that you have a nifty little gift you're going to need a bag to put it in....

That's where this fun little one sheet of 12x12 paper bag comes into play. I used a sheet from Gnome for the Holidays kit. 

Fold over the top 1 - 2" of cardstock.

Now fold both side edges towards the center.
Secure with clear packing tape.

Fold the bottom edge up 3" - fold & crease.

Open the bottom fold and fold the corners in towards the center making a diamond shape.

Fold the two points into the center and adhere with a piece of clear packing tape.

Punch holes on each side of the bag opening.

Tie on handles and fill!
After the first bag (to figure it all out) the second bag 
took less than 2 minutes to complete.

Really quick and easy
best part is...you can use it anytime!


  1. Oh...I love that bag! What a wonderful idea of Christmas Dough! Very clever. I will be using this idea. Thank you!

  2. Love both these ideas. The gift bag is so cool. Going to give that a go. Gave a very Merry Christmas Roni. All the best for 2016. Hugz

    1. Uhhh, that's Have a very Merry Christmas LOL. Hugz

    2. Fabulous idea. Great for that"don't know what to get you" and hate the idea of gift cards

  3. Fantastic Roni! My kiddos are still home but this is a great idea.

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Roni! Thanks for all the wonderful and inspiring ideas this past year.

  5. Cutest idea. A great gift for our grownup kids too. To late this year, but will do next year. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Edna

  6. Very good idea! Thank you again for sharring and again!

  7. Love the rolled dollars. Great ideas.
    Have a great Xmas!

  8. I love the Christmas dough idea! Awesome!

  9. I have been wanting to try one of these handmade bags myself. Great idea!

  10. Oh, I love it! I was looking for something cute to put a cash gift in.

  11. Great ideas, Roni and that bag looks easy to make!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  12. The holiday "dough" idea is adorable, love the little poem, too. Thanks for the clever gift bag tute!

  13. I am beyond thrilled.... My daughter and sil are going on a trip to celebrate her 50th the day after Christmas and want cash instead of gifts and I was racking my brain about how to do something clever ....thank you SO much for sharing!

  14. All are cute ideas, but I would like a couple of the money bags please, lol


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