Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Shrink Plastic Pendant Idea

Recently I saw a lovely clay pendant piece on an Art Charm group I'm a member of on FB and I thought - gosh I bet I can make that from black shrink plastic so I decided to give it a try.  I pulled out my shrink film here's what I came up with!  The one on the left is what I made and the one on the right was the inspiration.


The shape isn't quite right but it's pretty close for a first try.  I didn't have any stamps that matched the design but I had some stencils that got pretty close.  Here's what I did....

I started off by cutting out a shape I thought would work.  I needed a more pointy end on the right but wasn't sure what the shrinking would do to it.  If I made another I would extend that point a bit and make it not so fat.

Next, a bit of Cotton White Opaque StazOn ink pounced through a few different stencils.  I love the swirl design and added some grungy lines just because I liked them.

Next - heat tool and skewer.  I heated up and shrank the film until it was almost down to the finished size.  I then quickly rolled the hot film around the skewer like the original pendant looks.  Be VERY careful - it's HOT!!

Once I had it wrapped around the skewer I let it cool.  I then re-heated just the bottom dangle portion and shaped it as desired.  I like how it turned out and think I might make a few for gifts this year!


Imagine - StazOn Ink - Cotton
Grafix Shrink Film - Black


  1. Ooooh! I like your version better! That's really cool!

  2. Roni, I have to agree with Dee. Although the inspiration piece is lovely, it looks a bit too perfect. Your piece has a very organic feel to it. At first glance it truly remained me of some of the seashells that we find on the Pacific Coast. The shells have a dark look to them that allows the little animal inside blend beautifully into the ocean floor or when it goes swimming searching for food. When you find it on the shore, it has been tossed about so much that it's surface has been polished to a glistening bluish black with the same line design that you created on your piece. No two shells are alike and many of them, have the shape that you created with more of a curve where it connected to its back shell portion. So honestly Roni, in my eyes, it's perfect. I hope each one of your creations comes out beautifully different just like the beautiful images of a coastline.

  3. Thanks for sharing your project. It's beautiful!


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