Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Magenta - Nuance Pigment Powders

What day is it????

Yep, Hump Day!

Hope your week has gone well so far!  It's been crazy busy here since we got back from our trip...feels like the faster we go the more behind we get!  Blah!

Today I wanted to share a fun new-ish product with you.  I say new-ish because it's been available in Canada since June but not many people here in the States have heard of it....

I kept seeing cards made using these powders on the Brusho, Bister and Color Burst FB page.  Some of the colors were so very bright and beautiful I decided to go in search of since I'd never heard of them.  I found Magenta's website - Magenta Style - and decided to order a set.   I finally rec'd them so I thought I'd share what the colors look like on both watercolor paper (Left) and Georgia Pacific Cardstock (Right).

Well, what do you think?  Pretty aren't they.  Friday I'll be sharing what these colors look like compared to similar Brusho and Color Burst powders. 


  1. les violets ressemblent beaucoup à l'explosion des grains des brushos, mais les autres couleurs semblent plus pures ; j'ai hâte de voir votre comparatif Roni.
    Nicky Nicole

    1. translate : violets are very similar to the explosion of grain brushos, but other colors seem more pure; I look forward to seeing your Roni comparison.

  2. I really like the vibrancy of the Nuance!

  3. Love playing with those powders and I also love the vibrancy of the colors ! FUN Fun !!


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