Wednesday, April 8, 2015

5 Favorite Tools????

Whew, this week is kickin' my butt and it's only Wednesday!  I totally lost yesterday ~ medical and farm stuff took most of the day.  Today I've been working on bills (ick!), laundry and fun stuff like that.  What is up with all this work getting in the way of the fun stuff???

So, Monday John (from IMAGINE Crafts) asked us all what our 5 favorite tools were....  Wow, have you ever thought about that?  I was so excited...I knew right away what I would choose because I used them every day I sit down to create.

Here they are....

Why are these my favorites:

These are my most essential tools in my studio as I use each of them day in and day out. 

IMAGINE Crafts Craft Mat is leaps and bounds better than my old craft mat as it is more durable, holds up well under lots of use and abuse and cleans up to "new" condition each and every time I use it.  It is the only craft mat I've ever owned that after 6 months of use still looks like it did when I took it out of the package.  I can ink on it, paint on it, emboss, stamp, fold it, scrunch it and it's no worse for the wear.  

Next would be my Fiskars SoftTouch Micro Tip Scissors - After 12+ years of use the same pair of scissors I bought so long ago is still extremely sharp and my hand never tires no matter how long or intricate my cutting job is.

Another new addition to my stash are the IMAGINE Craft Sponge Daubers.  These little finger tip tools are a dream. I am a very tactile artist - I like to dive right into my art and get messy.  These Sponge Daubers allow me to create with my hands without getting as inky as I might in the past.  The fingertip control allows for precise inking and holds up well under extreme use.

The Carl Rotary Trimmer is another old timer here in my Studio.  It is well built, rugged and durable.  I replace the knife and cutting mat once a year and it continues to cut like a pro.

The final tool in my must have arsenal of tools is my ATG gun. I use LOTS of adhesive and this is by far the most economical and Earth friendly solution I have found when it comes to dry double-stick adhesive.  I wouldn't use anything else.

Be sure to check out what other folks Top 5 are here - Top 5 Crafting Tools.

How do mine compare to yours?


  1. Most match up exactly! I use a Woodware rotary trimmer (+ 5 years), Fiskars and Tim Holtz scissors (+ 8 years and I have one pair of each and couldn't be without either), a Splodgeaway blending mat and a non stick one (sounds similar to your Imagine Crafts) and I used to have the daubers, they were so old that foam rotted! Now I use sponges and Cut N Dry foam (that's 8+ years old too)! I prefer a dries clear glue which is from Cosmic Shimmer as the ATG cartridges are a bit costly in the UK and I find it easier to handle a pot of glue these days! I know that adds up to seven but I have to have the two different scissors - my Tim one's are super strong and my Fiskars are only used for ribbon! Actually make that eight as I couldn't cope without my Tonic craft knife these days lol! Karen x

  2. My eBrush which is an airbrush gets used all the time. Lately I find I'm using my Fiskar trimmer all the time. My newest favorite tool is the Ranger round blending tool. I don't know how I managed before. Since I discovered Deco Foil my laser printer and laminater have become favorite tools. I do have on my wishlist the finger daubers and the craft mat. I no longer use the craft mat I have as it is awful looking. I love my Fiskar finger craft knife which swivels and use that for cutting out fine detail or cleaning up a print and cut image.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!