Monday, August 12, 2013

Washi Tape + Iris Folding

Did you know that the Scotch Tape people are making washi tape now?
Well they are!!
I was at Meijers the other day and found a new display of their tapes and couldn't resist.
I have a large collection of washi tape but nothing like these so I had to grab a roll or 4 or 6 - LOL!!
I have been wanting to do some projects using the tape so I figured this was as good a time as any!

Today I wanted to share an idea that's been rolling around in my head ~
Washi Tape & Iris Folding
coming together as one!

What do you need?

Washi Tape, cardstock, iris folding template.
I am using a square template I found at Hand Crafted Greetings - Iris Folding.
You don't have to use this pattern, if you do a search for Iris Folding templates you'll come up with hundreds of links.

The first thing I did was to cut a hole in my cardstock which matches my pattern.

I checked the sizing just to be sure.
You should trim your card to size once you know that the pattern fits.
I didn't do that until afterwards and had a heck of a time cutting it later as all the washi tape wanted to stick to the cutter.

I taped the template down to my craft sheet so it didn't slip while I was adding my layers,

then I taped down my cardstock over top with the right side facing down.  I'm using a cardstock that has color on one side and white on the don't have to worry about right and wrong sides if you're using regular cardstock. 

I applied a line of adhesive around the frame opening.

It's time to start adding the tape.  Now since washi tape is sticky on one side I had to figure out how to add the layers and keep the pattern in tact SO, you add each piece of tape with the sticky side up.  That's why we had to apply the layer of adhesive around the frame.

The first layer will stick to the frame but all the rest will stick to each other since it's sticky side up.
There is no need for any additional adhesive from here on out!  

I started by sticking down the first piece of tape (sticky side up) then...

Alternated with a different pattern so it went mint, lime, mint, lime.

When I added the next layer I simply moved my mint tape over the existing lime tape and lime over the existing mint.  I continued to alternate following the pattern for placement each time.

We're getting there......

If you've ever made an iris folded card you know how thick the card gets by the time you reach the center of the design.  The really nice thing about using washi tape is it's so thin all of the layers really isn't an issue.

And we're almost finished...

And here it is!!!

Once you flip it over the pattern becomes apparent
and of course no sticky parts.

I trimmed out the card to the size I wanted. 
I should have done this BEFORE I added all the tape (it kept sticking to my cutter) but you can benefit from my mistake and cut it ahead of time.

Then mounted it on a lime green card base.  You can press all the tape down and it adheres is tape after all  ;)

Added a few pearls along the frame edge

And finished it off with a nice stamped image and sentiment!

(Stamps - JFF Rubber Stamps)
The bird image was colored using Spectrum Noir markers.

And a closer look....

I love the see-through effect you get with the washi tape, it's like using really cool pattern vellum without all the adhesive issues that come with the vellum.

So there you go...
a really fun way to incorporate washi tape on a card,
in your scrapbook, or other projects you might have in mind!


  1. This is such a petty card! Love how you combined the two-that is so smart! :) Beautifully colored bird also!

  2. What a great idea....I have been wondering what to do with my stash of tape,thank you for the tutorial..

  3. What a great idea....I have been wondering what to do with my stash of tape,thank you for the tutorial..

  4. Hi Roni

    You are so clever: great idea using washi tape for Iris folding.

  5. Ultra cool - I LUV it :-) xxxx

  6. SUPER! Now I know what to do with the tape.

    Thank you

  7. This is stunning Roni!! Love it!

    Elaine Allen

  8. Great idea. I tried iris folding and it drove me mad. I didn't know about the template, though. That would have made a difference, but the washi tape makes it actually look like fun. Pretty results.

  9. Can't wait to play with this idea! Billiant as always chickadee!

  10. Great idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. I love Iris folding, and this is SOOOOO much easier ... now to find some fun tapes like you have!
    Sandra ltb

  12. Absolutely gorgeous - and way beyond my capabilities - I salute you!

  13. Very creative Roni. I am going to give this a go. What a great idea to place tape around the opening first. Great card!!

  14. Great idea! Looks a lot easier to use the tape for this technique!

  15. Woo! Love this idea, I'm gonna try this technique out!


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