Friday, August 9, 2013

Ink On! - New Class

Hydee Ho Inky Neighbors!
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I wanted to tell you about a new class I have over at The Art Studio by SNR....
it's a class all about inks called....
I know most of you know about the various types of ink but for some of the folks who are new to the inky art world or perhaps you're a converted scrapbooker or just someone who wants to know more about the inky arts this is the class for you.
I discuss dye inks, pigment inks and all of the other types of inks out there you might choose to incorporate into your projects.  Consider it a primer on what inks are, what they do and what surfaces you can use them on.  I have a HUGE list of the various brands of inks out there as well and give you bits of info about each.  I also have a fun list of various Inky Applicators as well...some which are products you find in the store and other that you can find right in your own house!
I also have two other classes available at this time....
(LOADS of techniques and info)
(4 different cards
plus a huge list of card themes for guys
a little bit of color theory thrown in for good measure!)
Cards for Guys - Non-Traditional Colors
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