Friday, May 24, 2013

White Pens - My Favorite

One question I get over and over is what white pen do I like the best.
Well, I keep meaning to post this but it wasn't until I was using it that I actually got around to showing the differences to post.
So, here goes....
Now in the past I did a demo of various inks and how they came out on top.  At that time I like Ranger's White Pigment Pen the best. So I decided to include it and my new favorites in this little demo.  Priced at around $3.00.
The second pen I'm using is the Sakura Gelly Roll white pen.  It's relatively inexpensive at $1.40 - 1.60 each. (roughly half of Ranger's pen)
You're going to think I'm nuts but the third pen I'm adding to the mix is Liquid Papers All Purpose Correction Pen.  It's a bit pricy at a little over $3.50 per pen but it lasts quite a while.
Now I don't like to do a lot of talking (o.k.... typing) for demos like this ~
I like to let you make up your own mind so here are examples showing all 3 pens side by side so you can compare how the white pens show up on black and lighter colored papers.
NOTE: all three pens have been used but still had over 1/2 the ink left so it's a level playing field.

You can make the choice for yourself but I have to tell you the Sakura White Gelly Roll is THE BEST white pen I have ever used!!!!  Not to mention the cheapest!!!
I rarely if ever have a problem with it.  It's always ready to go no matter if I've used it daily or left it sit in my pen jar for weeks at a time.  It has never failed me.  Below is part of a card that I used it on ~ you can draw, color in images, write, etc.  It ALWAYS works!
I simply can't speak highly enough about this pen, I would recommend it to anyone.

Now, I have to say that when Ranger's White Pigment Pen is brand new it works great (check out the old demo I did - link posted below). It has a nice opaque color that has a very consistent flow.  BUT as you can tell from the two examples above after Ranger's pen has been used a few times is very difficult to make it work nice.  I actually had to go through 3 pens to find one that would even work.  I don't know if the ink dried up in the barrel or if it was something to do with the tip but any way you cut it they are far too expensive to be having that much trouble.

Now the wild card - The Liquid Paper correction pen.  I know it's crazy but this thing really works very well.  I actually unearthed it when I was cleaning out our office desk.  I sort of forgot I had it because I bought it so long ago but man this thing is cool.  As you can see it creates a bold line which can be very handy for some applications.  It's in the same dollar range as Ranger's white pen so it's about double the Sakura pen but it's nice to have on hand when you've got a project that calls for lots of white coloring.

I hope this helps you a bit in your search for a super white pens. 
To see the previous results of the white pen test check it out here....


  1. Hi ya Roni! How's it going? I've been really REALLY busy lately & not spending much time on blogs or crafting! Which makes me a bit grouchy!!! (I've been told that that is putting it lightly!) :) I've used all 3 pens too and have to agree about the Rangers pen. It dries out even if I've kept it tip-down! So I don't buy it anymore. But you one thing on me....I've never used the "correcter" pen for crafts!! Great idea tho!! It does write great just not as fine as the Gel Pen.

    Hope you will have a great Memorial Weekend! I HAVE (finely..lucky me!) make a couple Graduation cards. So to heck with everything else..I'm getting INKY!!! Thanks for sharing this & I'm thinking of ya!

  2. Thanks Roni, very helpful. Have a great weekend

  3. thanks - I always see the Sakura Gelly Roll at Joann's and always wondered about it ... thanks!
    Sandra ltb

  4. Roni, I have to agree with you that the Sakura Gelly Roll pen is the best. I've always been surprised when other comparisons that I've read don't pick it. I've never had a problem with mine and it's the one I always reach for. I've never tried the Liquid Paper correction pen but have a couple of the Bic White Out pens - they're ok but not consistently reliable. I've been using the Sharpie white extra fine tip poster paint pen for bolder white lines and to make dots. I've had good luck with it but still love the Sakura Gelly Roll for most white doodling and writing.

  5. Roni, the above comment is from me. Apparently blogger didn't have my info so I just updated my profile to show my name and photo.

  6. Thanks for the info, Roni!! I need a new white one and now it'll be the Jelly Roll one!

  7. I love the gelli roll white as well.


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