Monday, December 3, 2012

Candy Cane Owl Holder Variation

A couple weeks ago I share the pattern to make this cute little Owl Candy Cane Holder....

Well, recently I rec'd this e-mail from Judy in Australia....
Dear Roni

Please keep sending all those great ideas out. Thank you so much for sharing them. I'm even going to have a go at the altoid tin. They are a bit hard to come here in rural Queensland but I found one about a year ago and now am inspired to try.

But it was the owl pattern that really took my fancy. Not having any felt I made 6 out od cardstock for my small group of scrapbooking ladies and have put pens rather than candy canes in them. I have attached a picture of them as I was so pleased at how they turned out. I mounted the wings and eyes on foam squares for more pop and to allow the thicker bulk of the pens to fit in, cardstock not being as pliable as felt.

So thanks again for the ideas,
Queensland, Australia.
And here are her Owl Pen Holders....

They are darling aren't they?
So very cute!
Thank you Judy for allowing me to share them with everyone!
So, if you don't have any felt, you can use paper and simply adjust your glue points to fit the item you want the little owl to hold! 


  1. So cute...and great for those who don't like peppermint. Thanks for sharing this idea from one of your're the best Roni!

  2. Thank you Roni for sharing this too!
    I have not have the time this moment but will try to make it, it is to cute!!
    I'm looking forward to your 25/12 or so days to christmas!

    thank you

  3. Very cute! I love all things owls.



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