Friday, December 7, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #6 - Mini Christmas Book Ornaments

I have to tell you I am so excited about this ornament. 
It is a combination of some of my favorite books of course, the inside pages are created from left over book pages that I have removed from altered book projects, the images on the fronts of these books add such vintage goodness and they are ornaments!  They are easy to make, use supplies already in your stash and look spectacular once finished.... doesn't get much better than that!

Here they are....

Mini Book Ornament 013
They are very easy to create.  You will need vintage book cover images sized to your needs.  Mine are all between 1.5" - 2.75" tall.  Light weight chipboard, old book pages, Christmas pattern paper, staples, glue & stretch cord.  That's it!!!

Mini Book Ornament 001

Now to start off you need to measure the images and cut the book cover approx. 1/8-1/4" larger on each side.  So for example if your image is 1x2 you should cut your chipboard 1.25" x 4.5 (once folded it will measure 2.25").

Cover the outside of the book cover with your pattern paper, crease and fold in half.

Mini Book Ornament 003

Next create your inside pages by cutting the old book pages down to size.  I made three signatures (sections of pages) using three sheets of book pages per signature.  Once folded it makes 18 pages for your little book.  Enough to fill the mini book out nicely but not too many to over stuff it.

Mini Book Ornament 010

Staple the folded edge and bend it back and forth a bit at the staples.  This helps the pages open up a bit once inside the book giving a more 3 dimensional look to your finished book.

Mini Book Ornament 006
Add a length of stretch cord tied at the top of the book, glue the pages into the book and.....

Mini Book Ornament 008

You're all done!!!!

Mini Book Ornament 015  
These little gems look wonderful hanging on your tree!
If you're lucky enough to still have any Christmas books from your childhood it would make it even more fun!!
Ho Ho Ho
18 Days Til Christmas!!!


  1. Oh how fun and adorable Roni.
    Thank you for such a quick and easy tutorial.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. This is wonderful! I have to make some for my tree. :)

  3. Super cute idea and I really need to make one for my grand-daughter! Maybe scan her favorite book!?

  4. Love this idea! I think that it's a tie between the Story Tree and these as my favorite!!Great designs.:)

  5. Such a great idea! I just made some using Twas the night before Christmas and sized the entire poem using a table in Word so that I could cut it out and use it for the insides. Time consuming to say the least, but the end result is wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration Roni.


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