Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wax Paper Resist - #2 - Faux Embossing Resist

Today I have a sequel to my Wax Paper Resist that I shared almost a year ago today (actually it will be a year in 2 days!) This technique is very similar BUT it is also a substitute for Embossing Resist if you have a crafty allergy to embossing (which I know some of you do!). is a really easy way to achieve basically the same effect of Embossing Resist without having to mess with embossing powders.

NOTE: Now I know most people say you HAVE to use Glossy Cardstock with the Wax Paper Resist but I'm here to tell you that is false! Why? Because I tried it with both glossy and regular cardstock and got great results with both. So use what you have :)

Check it out....

Wax Paper Resist #2

Embossed Wax Paper Resist

a.k.a. - Faux Embossing Resist

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 006


Wax Paper

Glossy Cardstock or Plain Cardstock


Embossing Folder

Die Cut Machine or Rolling Pin


Ink Blending Tool


1. Place a sheet of wax paper in the embossing folder.

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 004

2. Run the folder through your die-cut machine OR if you don't have a die-cut machine use a rolling pin to smoosh the paper in the folder.

Your paper will look something like this....

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 007

3. Sandwich your embossed wax paper between two sheets of cardstock. They can both be glossy cardstock, one glossy & one plain or both plain cardstock ~ totally up to you. For my examples I am using one glossy and on plain to show you how they each look.

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 008

4. Iron your paper sandwich ~ this will only take a few seconds for the wax image to transfer over to the papers.

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 009

5. Add ink! This can be any dye ink you love...for me it's Distress Inks ;)

NOTE: If you look closely at the photo you can see that the example on the left (glossy cs) this is the positive image or the image with the bumps. The example on the right (plain cs) is the negative side of the wax paper or the side with the indents.

LEFT = Glossy Cardstock

RIGHT = Plain Cardstock

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 011

Closer Look....

Glossy Cardstock

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 016

Plain Cardstock

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 014

And a couple more examples....

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 012

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 001

The best part is the embossed wax paper can be used multiple times! I used one piece of wax paper to create all of these. You may be able to get another set but I didn't give it a try.

Wax Paper Technique #2 - Faux Embossing Resist 002

So how cool is that?!?!?

Pretty awesome effects for such an easy technique huh?

If I have time tomorrow I'm going to make a few cards using this technique...

I'm not sure how much time I will have as the Ladies Night Out Shopping Extravaganza is tomorrow night!

If not tomorrow then I'll have them sometime this weekend for you.


  1. This is a great technique Roni! The results look a little like batik.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Very cool technique, Roni! I'll have to give it a try!! Thanks!

  3. cool technique!!! i love the papers. i'll have to try this in my new big kick machine that i got for $20 at joann's!! i had a scratch ticket for 80%. deal of the year!!!

  4. The samples look terrific, will certainly try this out. Thank you. Annette x

  5. This is definitely way toooooo cooooool....thanks so much for showing glossy or not glossy...pos/neg imprint...way quick and really ideal for when the embossing powder just does not want to come out of the drawer:)

  6. Can't wait to try it, looks great. C

  7. I am a newbie to your blog - a friend told me about it. Well, I just tried out this technique and I'm hooked! I found I used a dry iron set to med-high for 5 seconds and I got 6 good quality prints out of one piece of wax paper. I used TH's distress inks. On one piece, I sprayed with Glimmer mist and it's glorious! Thanks SOOOOO much for taking the time to show this technique. I'm now a devoted fan!!!

  8. lovin' this technique...what a great way to add some extra "texure" to my projects!

  9. Thanks for sharing with us this awesome idea!!

  10. I am new to your blog and am away on holiday at the moment but I shall try this technique when I get home. Thanks for sharing. Sam

  11. Just found this and must give it a go, I've never seen this idea before. Thanks for the tutorial

  12. Neat technique. When you put your wax paper between 2 pieces of cardstock, do you put the glossy side facing the center, where the paper is? Also, is your "closer look" section, I believe you have the 2 photos switched.


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