Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mega Double Stuff ATC's

Here are a couple examples of the Mega Double Stuff ATC's (pattern posted here... Mega Double Stuff ATC Pattern).

Miss You ATC


Mega Double Stuff ATC 003


Mega Double Stuff ATC 004

For this ATC I used pattern paper instead of cardstock. It gives one side a beautiful design while the inside is plain white paper to write a note, letter, invitation or whatever else you might want to include!

Mega Double Stuff ATC 005

Discover ATC

I added strings to both the top and bottom ATC before I attached them to the fold out. By doing so you can tie each side up to secure it. I thought this ATC might be fun to include a treasure map, scavenger hunt or other fun game instructions for your sweetie or a party!

Alternate IdEaS....Think...New Year's Eve Party, Christmas, Valentines Day?!?!?


Mega Double Stuff ATC 007


Mega Double Stuff ATC 006

So there you go ~

A couple of fun ideas to spark your creativity!

Now I thought of several more ideas on how to use these...home party invitations, birthday invites, thank you cards, games, recipe swaps, etc....

The list could go on and on!

Hope you give em a try


have fun gettin' Inky!


  1. I like it! As I am a letter writer, this appeals, great idea TFS

  2. This is a wonderful project! Love those ATC´s too.

  3. Those are very creative indeed. You have wide range of new and brilliant ideas. Ink stains are unique ideas, it is very simple yet catchy.

  4. This is an awesome idea. I really love the idea of using it for letters, esp. if it's a letter that someone might really want to keep. More like a gift then!!

  5. How totally fun!!! I will definitely recommend this for a swap with my ATC group here in NC. Thanks for the awesome idea!

  6. Some very creative ideas there, as a designer I am very impressed with the style, layout and colours. Thanks


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