Monday, September 13, 2010

Mega Double Stuff ATC Pattern

Mega Double Stuff ATC?


I have had this idea for a while now but I just never sat down to do the math or figure out the fold pattern until today.

So what is a Mega Double Stuff ATC?

Well, I thought it would be fun to make a combination double sided, ATC with a place for extra "Stuff"... the stuff could be a letter, a recipe, photos, a stamped collage, etc. Basically you can add anything you like!

Mega Double Stuff ATC



1. Cut a sheet of paper 9.75" x 12". For the example I used a sheet of DCWAV cardstock but it ended up being a bit bulky. I think for the next one I'm going to piece together 2 sheets of thinner cardstock or copy paper to cut down on the bulk.

2. Score the 12" side of the cardstock every 2" and fold fan style.

3. Unfold the cardstock and turn so you are dealing with the 9.75" side of the cardstock. Score at 3.25" and 6.5". Fold fan style.

Your paper should now look like this....

Mega ATC Pattern 001

Mega ATC Pattern 002

4. Fold up the 2" sections first then turn and fold one of the 3.25" sides forward and one backwards to form a "Z" in your paper as shown....

Mega ATC Pattern 003

Mega ATC Pattern 005

5. Adhere an ATC blank to the back of your folded paper stack...

Mega ATC Pattern 008

then add a second ATC Blank to the front of your folded paper stack making sure to line it up with the first ATC Blank....

Mega ATC Pattern 009

Now you have a Mega Double Stuff ATC....


Mega ATC Pattern 006


Mega ATC Pattern 010

Tomorrow I'll share a couple examples of what you might do with these nifty gianormous ATC's!

It's also QKD's Royal Blog Hop as well :)

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  1. This looks like a super fun project! Can't wait to try it and see the rest!


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