Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn/Thanksgiving Criss-Cross Card - PLUS!!


Today is Wednesday and that means the week is 1/2 over...
only 2 more days till the weekend - LOL!!

Today I wanted to share a criss-cross card but I also wanted to give you a plus... 
Plus what you might be asking.  Well there are a few cut-offs left over from making these cards so I put them to use! 

Check it out...

Criss-Cross Card

NOTE: Finished Size - 5"x7" I am using two different colors for the card could use the same color for both flaps if desired.
Stamps (Stampin Up)
Embellishments (optional)

1. Cut one strip of cardstock 5" x 12"'; cut a second strip of cardstock 5" x 10.5".

2. Crease both strips of cardstock at 7".

3. Place one of the strips of cardstock in your cutter.  Cut a diagonal line from the upper corner (by the fold line) to the outside edge as shown.  Repeat for the 2nd strip of cardstock
Note: if you are using textured cardstock and want the texture to be on the outside you will need to cut one strip on the texture side and one strip on the smooth side.
criss cross card 001

Now your cardstock should look like this...
criss cross card 003

Set the cut-off triangles aside.  We will be using them in the "Plus" card.

4. Cut two different pieces of pattern paper 4.75" x 6.75".   Cut both sheets diagonally as you did the cardstock.
criss cross card 004

5. (optional) Ink all of the edges if desired.  Of course I do this using my Ink Blending Tool & Distress Inks.  You can use whatever you like :)

6. Mount one of the pattern paper triangles on one of the cardstock triangles.  Repeat for the other side.
criss cross card 006

7. On the 12" long piece of cardstock mark 3.5" in the center of the inside of the card back.  Mount the second sheet of cardstock to the first lining it up at the 3.5" point.  This should give you a 7" wide card ~ half one color ~ the other half a second color (if you were using two different colors of cardstock) as shown in the photo.
criss cross card 007

8. Affix the right hand flap to the card back along the very bottom edge.  Fold the second flap over and affix it to the first.  You will now have a pocket behind your criss-crossed flaps.

9. Cut a piece of cardstock 4.25" x 6.5". Cut a second piece of cardstock 4" x 6.25" and mount it on the first.  This is your card insert which will fit into the criss cross pocket.  Stamp desired images on this card insert.

10. Stamp desired image for the front of the card.  Cut out and mount where desired.

criss cross card 008
criss cross card 009

The PLUS ~ Now we have all those left over triangles.  You have enough pattern paper to create a second criss cross card just like the first.  You will also have several pieces of colored cardstock left over.  You can use these pieces to create the PLUS card shown below....  You will also notice some of the leaves I made using the Distressed & Glazed Brown Bag Technique.

criss cross card 012

So there you go...a great way to create a beautiful Criss Cross card for any occasion


An extra card from the scraps!


  1. I'm in love with these cards. Now, I just need to find the time to make them. I'm thinking this weekend may not be soon enough.


    I love your blog. It is FANTASTIC and one of my favorite reads. I only wish I could stamp half as beautifully as you do.

  2. Very cool as usual Roni! I am a little confused by how it works but I'm sure once I read through each step and started piecing it together I would figure it out. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

  3. Beautiful! I made some leaves and put them on a little wall hanging. Here's the link:

  4. I Love these cards!! How Beautiful for any occaision!! I have to try to make some of these definitely!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. Thanks Roni for another great idea! Wonderful cards!

  6. I like this style of card. I wish that I remembered to do them instead of just the plain old cards.!! Thanks for a great tutorial!!

  7. Lovely project! Where can I find the stamp of the little bird with pumpkins? Is it a wood mount? I looked through the 'stampin up' page and couldn't find it.


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