Friday, January 2, 2009

Bamboo Tiles - Adding Color

I colored up some bamboo tiles I've been talking about and have some samples ready to share. As I mentioned before these tiles have a great glossy surface to work with so there are several ways to use them.

Alcohol Inks -

Bamboo Tiles004

Since their surface is sealed Alcohol Inks work perfectly. I have brown and tan (ivory) tiles so I applied the ink to both so you could see the difference. Both show the color quite well - the darker tiles show more of the bamboo grain when the ink has been applied which I thought was odd. You would think it would show up more on the lighter color. The tiles take the ink as well as dominoes so nothing special needs to be done to the tiles before using.

Krylon Leafing Pens -

Bamboo Tiles002

O.k. these are way cool - if you've never tried Krylon leafing pens you must run out and buy a couple...they are THE best when you want a metallic finish. I use them all the time along the edges of my cards. Very dependable and great color. Each tile was colored with one coat - Gold, Copper & Silver. Great finish and quick to dry as well.

Stewart Gill Paints, Perfect Pearls, Twinkling H2O's

Bamboo Tiles003

Here is a mixed bag of mediums for you....

Stewart Gill Paints - (blue) These things rock! I love their brilliant colors - very striking. I applied the paint over the coated surface so it took 2 coats. If you sand the tiles first I'm sure one coat would do the trick but since the paints have a bit of a transparent quality to them 2 or more is a must on the glossy surface.

Perfect Pearls - (multi colored tile) These were fun...simply pounce the Perfect Medium onto the tile and coat with the powders. You will need to seal the powders but let the tile dry/cure for a bit. You want to make sure the Perfect Medium has dried before you go adding another liquid to the mix. It will smear if you don't.

Twinkling H2O's - (pink) Sanding is a MUST with the H2O's. The pigments just bead up and roll right off on the glossy surface so just pull out a piece of sand paper and take that glossy layer off the tiles. Once you remove that coating the Twinkling H2O's work perfect.

Stamping on Tiles -

Bamboo Tiles001

O.k. this pic didn't turn out worth a hoot...not sure what's up with that but I'll try and get a better pic tomorrow.

Since this is a glossy surface stamp with either Archival or Staz-On type ink....I think some of the hybrids might work too but I don't have any so I can't say for sure. Just ink and stamp. Let them dry of course and you'll be good to go :) Works like a charm.

(The images btw are from The Enchanted Gallery - GREAT STUFF!!!)

Adding Collage Images -

Bamboo Tiles005

Adding collage images are easy to do...I just snipped the image to the correct size, applied it to the tile using Glossy Accents and covered the image with GA. I was too impatient to wait for it to dry so I just snapped the pic. (It will dry crystal clear.) I only added the Tuscan Rose image to the front but you could add another to the back for a double sided charm.

So there you go... a few ideas to get you starting playing with those tiles....

Now, you're saying but I don't have any?!?!?

WELL, no fear....

Just post a comment here and you could be one of 5 lucky folks to win a bag of 20 tiles for yourself. (10 brown & 10 ivory/tan)
You have until 1-10-09 to enter!!

Happy Stamping Friends!!


  1. I'm your new number one fan! I found your site a few weeks ago. I have you on my Google reader and check for site updates every morning. I'm just getting into paper crafting. My whole Christmas was crafting supplies. I love the vintage look which is how I ended up on your site. I, like you, am a Tim Holtz fan. I've read all of your tutorials using his products. If all goes well I will sit down with hubby tomorrow and we'll attempt one of your tutorials. I might also be able to help you with your 70's image. I got married (first time) in 1970. I'll go through some pics from then when hubby number 2 isn't around. I'd love to win some of the tiles. I vowed not to make another purchase for a few months which means I won't be able to play with the domino tutorials before then:-( Win or no win, thanks for taking the time to share your blog with us. You are so very talented.

  2. Wow - what a great tutorial! thanks so much for the lowdown on how to work with the tiles. I'd love to enter and hopefully win! Thanks so much for the chance.

  3. Roni YOU are the BEST!...not only did you share the paint comparisons on the tiles-you used Krylon markers. I have been sitting with 6 that I won several months ago and did not know what to do with them! I am gonna check out them out on some dominoes. Thanks bunches!

  4. Pick me, pick me...those look like tons of fun!

  5. Very cool tutorial! Enter me please! Thank you!

  6. Wow!! Love these tiles...great job of showing the different finishes on them...thank you so much!

  7. Thank you so much for this post. I recently added your blog to my subscribed list in Google Reader and am glad I did. I am planning to purchase some alcohol inks to try. So far I have been stamping (I have some of the same stamps you used) and painting. Can't wait to try collage.

    Don't enter me in the drawing as I just bought 2 bags of bamboo tiles and 3 tins of dominoes.

  8. What a beautiful tutorial. Really lovely images, and very inspiring. I have wanted to try bamboo tiles for ages!

  9. Yea Ive been waiting for a post for the last few days! I keep checking in hoping for something outstanding. You tiles look great and I soooo need some :) Thanks Roni!

  10. Love your tutorials. I have only used the plastic domino's from the the dollar store.

  11. Wow Roni I love love love this tutorial!!! I love how you made the simple tiles into Gorgeous Works of Art!!! happy New Year Roni!!!

  12. brilliant tutorial Roni - never used bamboo tiles before - but would love to try them - maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones.

    Thank you so much for sharing you amazing talent

  13. brilliant tutorial Roni - never used bamboo tiles before - but would love to try them - maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones.

    Thank you so much for sharing you amazing talent

  14. I love what you did with the tiles and would love to try it. Great ideas!

  15. I bought a placemat months ago for just this reason but did not know others were using them! Thanks for the examples of different techniques. I'm going to try them out..I just have brown so maybe will paint them first or something. Meanwhile...I'll be off to find another placemat or 2!! Thanks again.

  16. Super cool information. I really dig the alcohol inks on the tiles.

  17. hey Roni!
    hope you have recovered from the snow. Thanks for the tut-- love the ideas..i have the twinkling H20's so maybe i can try this.
    cant wait to see the book.

  18. Oh wow, now to find the bamboo tiles. Now to find some tiles. Your samples are so cool. thanks for taking the time to show us some really clever uses for the tiles.

  19. wow, what a great tutorial and thanks for sharing the different ways of altering the bamboo titles... I certain look forward for a chance to lay my hands on some bamboo tiles and try out the technique you shared :)

  20. Love the ideas for the tiles - I would love to be one of the lucky winners to give them a try!!!

  21. They are all so wonderful and all so different. Thanks for showing us all the different techniques for the tiles. My favourite wold have to be the collage image of the cat. So sweet!! xx

  22. What great ideas - lots of things you can do with these tiles. I just discovered your site - from a link on Tim Holtz' blog. I like it!

  23. happy new year to a very generous person like roni!!! may you be blessed with more! thanks for sharing a beautiful tutorial about tiles. you surely did a very awesome article, as always...!

  24. Thanks so much for your tutorial on the bamboo tiles it is so useful and inspirational, never used the tiles but would love the opportunity of doing so !

  25. I would love a chance to win Roni! Bamboo - one thing I've yet to try :).

  26. These are great Roni. I have just started experimenting with dominoes but havent tried bamboo tiles yet. I like the effect that the Krylon pen gives. Does this need covering with GA too to protect it?I would l;ove a chance to win these

  27. Hallo!
    I wish you and all crafters a peaceful and happy new year!
    This year have been sooooo cold here in NOrway so fare Yesterday it was 28 celcius degrades minus...brrrr....So I put a lot of firewood in my heater and started with my new prosject, bambootiles-handbag inspired of your great work.
    The biggest problem was to find some bambootiles...finaly I find two mattes at e-bay.....but I need more :-)))))) I need singel tiles to....I have to try your tecnics you show at your blog....
    I also planned to make a necklace and bracelet to mach my handbag..
    So I cross my fingers and hope I win. (Thanks so much for the chance)
    Your blog is one of my favorite and you give me
    a tons of inspiration, THANKS!!
    To you and all your blog-readers....HAVE A GREAT DAY!!
    A big hug from Trine from Norway

  28. These are fabulous Roni. I would love to know which alcohol inks you've used especially the pink on the left in the middle row. I haven't seen these bamboo tiles before but they look extremely useful.

  29. Wow, your blog is so detailed and personal, it's like you're in the room showing me how to do this stuff! Thanks for all the tips!!! I'm looking forward to perusing your site!!! and to winning some bamboo tiles ;-)

  30. Hi Roni

    I'm in Canada and have been visiting your blog on and off for awhile. I just did an 'alcohol inking' session over the holiday season - I inked anything I could find in my craft supply collection! I did try the bamboo tiles but didn't like my results, after seeing yours, I'm going to try again! Thanks for all the great info. Hugs Cindy


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