Sunday, January 27, 2008

Retro & Tattoo Stamp Site

I was messing around looking for various stamp companies and I found this WAY cool site chock full of retro stamps - it's called... Sideshow Stamps - Retro... Cool-ish... Hip... & Ghoulish Rubber Art Stamps! With a name like that how could you not check it out - LOL!! It's got lots of 50's - 70's & some 80's style stamps. Very cool and hard to find stuff. I highly recommend checking them out :)

This next stamp site is all about retro Tattoos from the 40's and 50's! They have some great artwork from dice, to a naughty looking devil to several pin-up girls in various poses. Very cool stuff!!! This web-site is called - Bombshell Stamps - Vintage Art with Attitude!


  1. oh no!! I'm on a freeze!! I shouldn't look but I will! LOL!!
    I emailed you over the weekend, still waiting to hear from you. My page is up that I was talking about. I hope you will join in. I also got the blog RAK. You are super generous!!

  2. Hi~
    Is there a way I sign up for you blog receive updated notices via email?

    Thanks Korkie

  3. Hi Korkie! If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the front page you will see the on the left hand side there is a little subscribe to feed button. Just click on that and it will tell you what to do from there :)

  4. Roni, I made a little order from the Sideshow place, they had cute stuff, and reasonable shipping, can't wait to get my goodies! Thanks for the link!


  5. I have just done an export and sbo
    worked out the conversion rates for each bucket and i find them very similar. IE as a % site speed isn't making a difference to conversionsboasia


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