Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flocking Part II

In addition to liquid adhesives, flocking can be added to projects using "dry" adhesives. This would include adhesives such as tape runners; ATG's (my fav!); Xyron and the red-line or "magic" tapes. This card was made using 2 different types of dry adhesive. The snowflakes were flocked by running the die-cut through a Xyron machine and the "ribbon" hangers are made with Magic Tape.

When using dry adhesives you won't get total coverage by just sprinkling the flocking on your project as with the liquid adhesives. To coat, place your Xyron covered project (snowflake die cuts for this card example) on a clean piece of scrap paper. Sprinkle on a good amount of the flocking powder. Lift up and shake excess powder off onto the scrap paper. Now, turn the die cut over, adhesive side facing down. Press the die cut into the excess powder. Continue moving and gathering the flocking powder with the die cut. Press in various areas until the die-cut is totally covered.

I used the same method on the Magic Tape lines by applying the tape directly to the card face. Sprinkle with powder, shake off excess & press. The only difference is that I was moving the entire card around coating all three pieces at once instead of piece by piece as above.

Hope you have found this helpful :) If you have any questions, please let me know...I'd be happy to help if I can!

Supplies Used: Glossy Cardstock, Denim & Stonewash Alcohol Inks, Silver Metallic Mixative, Posh Accent Pen - Ranger; Rubber Stamps - Fancy Pants; Flocking - Hobby Lobby.


  1. LOL! I use the same method you use for flocking on dry adhesives to pick up pet hair off my black clothes!! Only using masking tape!
    Love the little Xyron die-cut flower flockies!!

  2. Okay, I love this, b/c I had no idea you could do flocking with dry adhesives--another duh moment for me! I have had a jar of flocking sitting in a drawer for over a YEAR now b/c I haven't gotten a glue pad yet, and thought I had to have one! And I have a Sizzix die for a snowflake, so now I'm all about trying out some fuzzy snowflakes!!! Thanks!


  3. Dig that flocking out Ann!! It works perfect :)

  4. You know? Here I was innocently sitting here content in the knowledge that there were no craft materials that are calling to me to try. But now I want to try this flocking business for my Christmas journal!

  5. i'm glad you posted this. I think I'm more likely to try it this way because it seem less likely for me to screw it up than with the liquid adhesives. LOL! And I'm with Karen, I use the same method with masking tape for pet hair too. LOL!


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