Monday, December 10, 2007

Faux Batik Technique

While there are several versions of this technique this is a quick and easy way to achieve GREAT results:


White Mulberry Paper
Rubber Stamps
Clear Embossing Ink
Clear Embossing Powder
Dye Color Wash Spray
Dye Re-Inker, Spray Bottle & Water
Plain Newsprint or Copy Paper
Protected, Non Porous Work Surface
Permanent Ink


  1. Working on a protected surface, stamp desired images onto a piece of white (or other light color) mulberry paper using a clear embossing ink.
  2. Sprinkle stamped image with clear embossing powder and heat.
  3. Place the embossed piece of mulberry paper on a non-porous surface or protect your work surface with several layers of news paper. I like to use Rangers Non-Stick Craft Mat. It not only protects against ink stains it also protects your work surface from heat which is perfect for this technique.
  4. Spritz entire piece of mulberry paper with either a pre-mixed spray dye or you can mix your own by using a small spray bottle, 1oz of water and about 4-5 drops from a dye re-inker. Ranger Color Wash Dye Inks (Stream, Denim & Wild Plum) were used for the example.
  5. Next place the now dyed sheet of mulberry paper between two sheets of plain newspaper or plain copy paper. (Note: Do NOT use regular news paper because the type & images will transfer to your mulberry paper during the next step!)
  6. Iron the piece of mulberry paper on a high setting. Continue ironing until you can see the embossed images on the top sheet of paper. You do this to remove the embossing powder from the mulberry paper.
  7. Remove both sheets of newsprint/copy paper. If it has stuck to the mulberry paper, quickly pass the iron over the mulberry paper to release and lift as you go.

  8. Now crumble the mulberry paper and flatten out with your hand. Do not iron out the wrinkles, they will give added dimension.

  9. Lightly rub the sheet with an ink pad (black or coordinating color of your choice) over the creases. This will give your mulberry paper depth and add to the real batik look. I used Ranger's Concord Grape Distress Ink as it is much darker and stands out very nice on this color combination.

    Finished paper - the colors blend in and give a natural Batik look. It's really a very quick and easy way to make lots of great background papers!

This paper can be used to make cards, on scrapbook pages, journal covering, altered arts and other projects. I have used this piece of Faux Batik mulberry paper to cover a piece of chipboard which will eventually be the cover page of a journal I'm making for a friend :)

So, that's Faux Batik!! I hope you give it a try and have fun giving it a try!!! Be sure to post any creations you make using this technique :)
Happy Inking Friends!!


  1. LOL! No photos this time??! I've heard about the faux batik technique and love the way it looks. Hope you can get a picture up there soon....I wanna see what you did!!

  2. not 1 single thing looks FAUX about all that work! :P wowsa! LOL

  3. Jen, it really doesn't take that long at all. I think I made the example (and took pics) in about 20 minutes from start to end. It's very quick when you get going :)

  4. I love the end result, very pretty.


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