Friday, December 14, 2007

Another Idea for using Rubber Scraps!

Here is variation on using up those rubber scraps left over from cutting apart rubber die sheets.... Tribal African Art .

The Clockwork Cat took her inspiration from her friends decorating style and created a unique piece of art! By using rubber stamp scraps, a foam stamp that she cut apart, some alphabet stamps and a couple design element stamps she created a beautiful piece of black and white tribal artwork for a friend.

It's another very cool way to use up all those scraps :)

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  1. Great idea for using scraps! And since I have a bag full of left over Stampin Up scraps, I think I'll get to work on my own tribal designs! Looks like the batik type images that Stampin Up did in a set years ago. I did some of my own design stamps using scraps about 3 years ago, and need to whip them out again and play to see what I can come up with


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