Thursday, November 29, 2007

Masquline Stamp Site - Military, Western & More!

I wanted to pass along a new site I found*. It's for all the guys in your life! If you've ever searched for guy stamps you know how difficult it is to find good ones. Well, A Fistful of Stamps is just the ticket!

It's got many modern & vintage military themed stamps, which include various air crafts, insignias and soldiers. Vintage & modern boats & ships as well as various western related stamps. Outer space related items as well ~ from little green men, the space ships they ride in to the asteroids to take em out ;)

Seriously, this place has got so many cool stamps you just have to check it out and take it all in.

*This is not a commercial, I'm not affiliated with A Fistful Of Stamps in any way nor do I receive any compensation for passing their site information along. It's just a really cool place with lots of neat stamps that I found and wanted to pass on....and I can do that cause it's my blog - LOL!!! ;)


  1. oooooo - I can do some major damage over there when I start my father-in-law's WWII book. And they have golfing stamps! Coolio.

  2. Yeah I know, my parents were both in the Navy and I have relatives who were in the other branches of the service as well!! It's a gold mine over there :)

  3. Thanks so much for posting this site! I am always complaining about the lack of masculine type images and this is a super collection! I love the images of ruins! And the aircraft images! And of, course, the western ones!! Karen


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