Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Question - 3D Projects

Recently I've been seeing lots and lots of 3D paper projects on blogs (personal & company blogs), pinterest and more.  Some of these projects are created from bought instructions/patterns while others are made using new dies that cut chipboard and paper.  

Here are a few things I'm referring to....

annes papercreations: Graphic 45 Children`s Hour Boxed House Mini Album by Anne Rostad

Layers of ink - Vintage Caravan Tutorial by Anna-Karin. Made with Sizzix dies by Eileen Hull. Embossing powder and foil by Ranger.:

Inger Harding: 3D Cupcake and a Gift Tag looks good enough to eat  http://www.simplyinger.blogspot.ca/2012/05/3d-cupcake-and-gift-tag.html#:

and there are tons more if you look.  Everything from shoes, mini sewing baskets, furniture, rocket ships, air balloons, tea cups & saucers, paper "pies", pineapples, lighthouses and so much more.

My question for you....

What would you do with all of these things?

I know from my own personal experience that I have a tough time finding room for everything I make which is why I end up giving so much of it away here on the blog and to my Mom.  I can't imagine trying to find places for all of these creations.  While they are beautiful and I'm sure very fun to make...who has room to store it all?  I seriously gave thought to buying some of the house dies but dang...if you really got into it you could have a whole village before too long and again, where would you put them?    

I guess this is where the practical part of me kicks in...if it doesn't have a use or I can't easily hang it on the wall or send it in the mail, I just don't bother making it because seriously, how many more things do I really want to dust (when and if that dusting mood ever strikes)???  I have a few 3D projects I've made that I really love and will keep but I just can't see having loads of the stuff sitting around.

Let me clarify...someone reminded me that I do make 3D things as gifts or when I get requests...I just don't make many for myself to keep.

Maybe I'm weird and just don't get it...
I guess that's why I'm asking you all....


  1. I'm with you, Roni! I look at them and think how adorable they are, then my inner voice says, yea, but what would you do with it. I have enough trouble dusting the house every year or so...

  2. well, I am working on a project for our team and think that it will probably end up as a gift....

  3. This is my biggest problem with making these elaborate and sometimes oversized projects. I have them stored away in a box. Some projects I have made are useful storage items and those are my favorites to make. I do try and gift my projects as well, but some go into storage unfortunately. Great question!

  4. My feelings are the same as yours. I have little room to display any more "dustables."

  5. I think the same thing! I love making 3-D projects but sometimes avoid them because I just don't know what I'd do with it when I'm finished!

  6. I have made many 3-D projects and I love making them. I have two shelves full of projects. Everything I make can hold a mini album. I also have a group of items that I change out for the seasons. I do that same things with some of my other artwork too. I have been making art all my life and I like seeing it around me, along with the artwork of my friends. I swap out quilts and cross stitch and it keeps my very small apartment fresh. I can't move furniture or the big things around so I move the things I can. I also give things I have made for birthday and Christmas gifts. Making things is a passion. I can't stop. It is what keeps me alive.

  7. Hello Roni,
    I love seeing these projects, and if I made some very simple ones (hamburger box, fried cornet, corset or piece of cake, it was always to give on birthdays small children or a naughty friend who dreamed. At home I have no place to expose, and I prefer to send cards that are easier to receive .. but I have seen complete decorations for weddings, parties with 3d objects made with a cutting machine - it was nice but it's not my trip .. France friendships, Nicky

  8. I don't venture making 3D paper projects unless they can be used. See my name plaque. It was used in IN. :)

  9. I agree w you. Plus I factor in the boredom aspect, I get tired of doing the same thing and can't imagine making enuf shoes or whatever to justify spending my hard earned money on a die I may use once.

  10. I agree with all you said. Plus what do you do with all the die cuts when your done playing??? I love die cuts but I have sooooo many. Aver awhile you stop using them cuz you move to something else. Also things get forgotten. We all have such large investments. Plus I need more space....

  11. My big project for the year is a calendar for everyone (about 40). And many times it's a 3D project. I used the Tim Holtz luminary with a season motif on each of the four sides and the calendar around the base. I'm trying to work that cute little house into one but haven't come up with the idea yet!

  12. I will be making some items for a wedding shower and will give them to the bride- if she likes, she can use them at the wedding.
    Others may send them in for Trade shows with a Stamp Company. I do love that RV and cupcake though : )

  13. Haha, I know just what you mean! I sit there and drool over those beautiful and/or adorable 3-D projects and then move on. I can barely fit what I already own into my craft room and house so I limit myself to flat objects. I will alter an Altoid tin or two at the very most, but skip 3-D projects. My daughter loves making party decor and so I leave thosE up to her. I'm always wondering what crafters do with their large projects so it's funny that you brought it up.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!