Thursday, May 5, 2016

More Molotow Masking Fun

As promised today I wanted to share another project I made using the Molotow Masking Pen.....

I had such fun making this card - the new masking pen makes this design quick and easy to accomplish.  This time I used my Kuretake watercolors to add a blast of color.

Remember - Shake it up good!

So I started off by marking off 1" marks along the edges of the paper...

Shook up and primed the pen.

And started connecting the dots!

Once finished I let the masking fluid dry completely.

Then I added color with my Kuretake watercolors & let it dry. you know yesterday when I said you had to let the paper dry completely before trying to rub off the masking fluid?  Well, sometimes I get a bit excited and try it before it's all the way dry.  This is what happens...  No worries though, this is fixable but if you did this over a stamped image you'd need to find another solution.  So be sure to let the paper dry COMPLETELY prior to removing the masking fluid ;)

And here's what it looks like all removed and bright fresh white lines.  Way fun and you can create virtually any design you want!  To fix the areas where I tore the paper I simply went back in with my paint brush and dabbed a bit more paint to freshen up the lines.

And there you go!

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  1. Super simple but REALLY big impact visually Roni, love it!


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