Thursday, January 21, 2016

Looking for Third Coast Stamps...

I know many people out there e-mailed me and asked about what happened to Third Coast Stamps when they disappeared off the scene abruptly a couple years ago.  I felt really bad because I couldn't help anyone with the missing stamp orders, non-communication from the owners or any of the other problems that folks had when they shut down without notice.  

Well, I wanted to let you know that the same owners opened up a new store called Third Stone Stamps. I suggest if you have outstanding issues you might want to contact them here (taken from their web-site contact us page):

Third Stone Stamps
PO Box 308
Wolcott, Colorado 81655

We also have a Texas location so please contactus to see where we are before sending snail mail!

Phone: 970-370-5608Fax: 815-301-8935

Normally I wouldn't post anything like this and I know it's not the Politically Correct thing to actually speak the truth when something is unpleasant BUT I know what a huge mess it was when they just up and disappeared.  I feel awful that I was on their team at the time representing Val and the company but I was in the dark just like everyone else. Despite that fact my name and art was associated with Third Coast so many people held me responsible. I am truly sorry and apologize for any inconvenience and loss of $'s she caused.  She left many unresolved issues with both customers and DT members alike - with missing orders,  LOTS of uncompensated work, ZERO communication, lost $'s etc.  Bitter as it may be I did learn a good lesson from the whole ordeal.

Since then you may or may not have noticed that I have limited my design team work to just a few companies that are solid, honest and reliable.  I don't want to ever associate my work with companies and/or people who are less than honorable or just out to make a buck. 

Even though I love so many of the images Third Coast/Third Stone offers I can't support them this time around nor would I suggest you do so either.  I know you're supposed to turn the other cheek or let bygones be bygones BUT I also believe one should learn from past mistakes and not repeat them.  So please be forewarned and order at your own risk.

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