Friday, January 8, 2016

Dog Tag Charm WInners!

Finally have a minute to go and draw the winners (using for the Dog Tag Charms.  Those winners are (in no particular order).....

I have never been brave enough to try altered charms, but after seeing these, I think I might give it a try! Thanks, Pamela Daniel

I have made altered charms but have not embraced the current dog tag craze. after seeing yours I am intrigued!

LOVE these ... have only used charms on my ATC's ... would definitely do these!

I love your dog tags ....especially the ones with the people on that and no I have never made any dog tags. I have only made altered atc/tags and dominos. thanks for a chance to win a dog tag. thanks gabriele

I have never made any charms but after seeing yours, they are on my list of things to try. They are wonderful. Thank you so much for posting them. Have a wonderful Holiday.

Hi, Roni. I've made lots of charms before and have participated in a couple of charm swaps. But I've never heard of dog tag blanks. These charms you've made are great! Thanks for sharing them.

I want to do that as I never did that before

Please e-mail me your snail mail addies so I can drop these in the mail.  
(roni jj @ g mail (dot) com) (no spaces)

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